Cool Beans Cubes For The Best Ice Coffee!

This post is for my sister Donna, who is an ice coffee lover. Most afternoons you can find her with a cold java in her hand.  I’ve taken a sip now and again but never like the watered – down taste of coffee.  I first learned about COOL BEANS 2 years ago in tweet from @ChrisBrogan.  He was touting some cool ice cube trays the “Cool Beans” caught my attention.

If you’re like me and love coffee, but not the way melted ice waters down the flavor in the iced version, here’s the solution. Your java jolt will keep stronger longer with ice cubes made from real coffee.  If you really want to make your iced coffee cooler try using the Cool Beans ice tray.  The ice tray has 8 coffee bean shaped molds and is made of super-strong, dishwasher-safe, pure silicone.

To buy go> Fred & Friends Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray $8.00

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