Summer Fancy Food Show is Hot, Hot , Hot!

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As the NY Times aptly put it, in a Cold Economy, Fancy Food is Hot, and so was the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.  Artisanal products and those featuring honey, blood orange, truffles and caramel were the hot flavor trends. The show is one of my favorite events of the year.  Imagine walking the length of several football fields and with each step discovering a delightful and delicious new food product.  You must pace your self and a partner is a must.  Thank goodness Elizabeth loves hot food and in the past has amazed booth proprietors with her ability to stand the heat!

This year, like each beginning 37 years ago, “sofi” Gold Medals were awarded for outstanding specialty foods and beverages of the year in 33 categories (“sofi” stands for specialty outstanding food innovation). At a red-carpet event, noted Chef Ming Tsai, who has a line of specialty foods at Target, presented the winners coveted sofi Gold Chef Statues.


For a list of all the 2009 sofi Gold Winners go to  Here are three of my favorites.  Each of them is perfect for personal enjoyment, entertaining guests in a special way and gift giving!  Keep them in mind for the Holidays. You can buy each online – I included the links below.



Caramel Sea Salt Brownies are chewy caramel goodness!  The caramel flavor is weaved through the Classic brownie and is topped off with a sprinkling of gourmet Cyprian sea salt. A sweet and savory treat.


TRUFFLE TREMOR™ The classic favor of truffle meets the velvety
perfection of ripened goat milk cheese. Earthy, elegant, and sophisticated, it’s sure
to make even the most distinguished taste buds shake!

1) Make a great steak even better – place a 1oz slab of Truffle Tremor on top of steak 1-2 minutes before it is done. The cheese will become partially melted and spreadable.

2) For a unique and delicious dessert, serve a slice of Truffle Tremor drizzled with honey with a glass of Monbazillac or Sauterne.

3) Truffle Tremor pairs perfectly with wild mushrooms and other earthy flavors.


Sarabeth’s Blood Orange Marmalade  is the first of Sarabeth’s “Special Reserve” flavors. The special edition is made only during the limited harvesting season of the rare California Blood Orange.

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