Glade® Expressions™ Collection Dinner Party Hosted By Glade and Giuliana Rancic

Although it’s usually one of us hosting the party, Dawn Sandomeno and I had the pleasure of being guests at a dinner party introducing and celebrating the new Glade® Expressions™ Collection, hosted by Giuliana Rancic, entertainment journalist, and Glade®. The venue, an exclusive Sutton Place townhouse on Riverview Terrace in NYC, was a special place for a party. Actually, the vibe of the entire evening was “special”. A handful of guests/writers were invited to explore, enjoy and experience through their senses. At Party Bluprints we are all about stimulating the senses by introducing party elements that complement one another to treat guests to an ultimate experience – naturally, we were very intrigued by the evening.

Michael Papas, Executive Perfumer for Givaudan, kicked off the experience by taking us on a tour of the outdoors (note: remember this tour was inside an NYC townhouse in January – Michael is an expert storyteller). Michael shared his passion with us, explaining that familiar fragrances play such a powerful role in our lives. As we’ve said before, aroma has the power to conjure up memories.  You smell a certain scent and next thing you know you’re transported to a different time and place basking in the glow of a warm childhood memory. Michael and Glade® handpicked familiar scents such as linen, vanilla, mandarin, and lavender and paired them with other natural notes to create the new Glade® Expressions™ Collection, a line of modern fragrances that bring the beautiful and natural scents of the outdoors indoors.

Ok, here’s where it gets interesting (note: traditionally, we don’t recommend introducing scents other than those created by the food when entertaining, however, this experience was well-designed and it worked). To further experience and appreciate the new scents, we were all treated to a unique pairing experience: Michael introduced a scent which we experienced on a tester strip that was elegantly passed around on a silver tray, followed by a cocktail containing notes from the scent, paired with bite-sized samples of the dinner pairing, also containing notes of the featured fragrance. To add one additional layer to the experience, we traveled throughout the home, room to room experiencing different pairings in each room. Here is where Giuliana comes in: she decorated each room to complement the pairing experience. I think her favorite was definitely the Pineapple & Mangosteen in the office – she shared with us that she has this home fragrance in her E! office, as she feels everyone should start the day feeling like they are on vacation, especially when at work. I have to admit, every time I catch a whiff of this scent in my home, I picture myself on a tropical island with a tropical cocktail –scent, experience and memory are a powerful combination!

Here are some of the amazing pairings in pictures and be sure to visit the Glade Facebook page for more information.

Cotton and Italian Mandarin

Lavender and Juniper Berry

Fuji Apple and Cardamon Spice


Pineapple and Mangosteen

When entertaining an intimate group, I like to entertain this way, moving around the house to various vignettes I have created for cocktails and appetizers, dinner, dessert, and after-dinner drink/chit-chat so I can create different experiences for my guests throughout the evening. Dawn and I thought the evening was a clever and enjoyable experience and are grateful to our hosts for sharing their warmth, charm, knowledge and newly launched product line.  We are now fans of the new Glade® Expressions™ Collection, in fact if you walk into Dawn’s house you will probably find her spraying the Fuji Apple and Cardamon – her favorite!

I am a big fan of Giuliana’s since following her on her show, Giuliana & Bill. I love the relationship she has with her husband/best friend, Bill, and her parents, Papa & Mama DePandi, but most of all, I love the “real” and good woman she is. She never has a harsh or unkind word to say, Giuliana is warm, kind and fun-loving. I was thrilled to chat with her, she is the real deal, beautiful inside and out – a strong, graceful, kind and inspiring woman who shines (and shares) her bright light. BTW, she’s a great host too!

Thanks for the sweet tweet Giulianna!

Thank you Giuliana, Michael and Glade for an amazing sensory experience! Please enjoy the recipes for our two favorite tastes from the evening:  Cotton Caprese and the Vanilla Bean French Toast> RecipeCards

Entertainment journalist Giuliana Rancic and Michael Papas, Executive Vice President Perfumer, Givaudan Fragrances, join Glade to launch the Glade Expressions Collection, which features true-to-life scents in contemporary designs, during an event in New York, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012. Visit the Glade Facebook page for more information. (Diane Bondareff/APImages for Glade

Disclosure:  We were treated to an amazing experience and received gift bags that included product samples.  The opinions are expressly our own.


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  1. I love Giuliana, she is such a class act – it looks like event was too! I will definitely be trying the Pineapple Mangosteen – I love tropical scents. I’ll also be trying out the vanilla bean french toast recipe – looks delicious. thanks!

  2. OK, I am dying! Those scents wound so wonderful! I am very sensitive to smells, but I’ve found that a good scent, used properly really enhances the overall experience for me. Everything that you gals tried sounds amazing.

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