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As food and wine lovers, Elizabeth and I were so very excited to be able to experience one of MasterCard’s Priceless® New York fine dining events last night. The experience was at New York City’s famed Le Bernardin, the city’s #1 rated Zagat eatery.   With MasterCard® member access, we joined 8 other guests for a much-coveted reservation at a private table on the second floor of the restaurant.  What made this experience truly priceless for us was sharing this intimate wine-centric meal hosted by the famous sommelier Aldo Sohm.  We savored each morsel of the exquisitely prepared and served four-course dinner, which was enhanced by the perfect wine pairings handpicked by Aldo. We appreciate the care and passion Aldo exhibited in ensuring our experience was the best it could possibly be while we were his guests.  At the start of each course Aldo presented the wine, explained the pairings and shared some anecdotes about the wine and region – his excitement was infectious (the host sets the tone – even when dining out.) When the meal was over, our head waiter, Alex, and Aldo graciously offered us a tour of the famous Le Bernardin kitchen and wine cellar – we were like two kids in a candy store – giddy with delight in the cellar. This evening was about so much more than dinner, it was a true dining experience, carefully crafted to make us feel special – when you have a great experience, it’s that much better when you have someone to share it with.   We felt like a rock stars and will remember it forever!

Here’s a taste of our  priceless New York City night in pictures…

Now go grab your “rock star”experience too and check out what you love, in the city you love, right here>   and follow Priceless on twitter to see what new MasterCard Priceless® experiences and cities are added each day!


Disclosure: We are proud members of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  We attended the Priceless experience as the guests of Collective Bias® and MasterCard®


11 Responses to A MasterCard Priceless Experience – #LoveThisCity

  1. I love everything about your ‘priceless’ experience…. from the ‘extra special’ that made it above and beyond a traditional evening to the fact that you shared it together. Love that you have that bond with each other, the shared interests and are able to share these priceless moments together.

  2. What a great way to make a dinner extra special. I’ll definitely check out these offers next time the hubby and I get a date night! 🙂

  3. So, so amazing. I’ve only been to Le Bernadin once – and it was amazing. I can only imagine enjoying the food with such a unique perspective and access. Off to see if there are any experiences in my area!

  4. I was having fun watching your pictures on Instagram. You girls have way too much fun!

  5. It looks like you had such a fabulous time–and the best part you got to share it with one of your friends! Oh and the food and wine– looks so deliciously decadent!

  6. you guys are so fun!! I love that restaurant — one of the first real dates I went on with my husband many many moons ago. Still in college. It was a BIG deal for us. LOL

  7. Sandy -thanks for sharing in our experience online via twitter. It made it more priceless to know that the CB Family was there too!

  8. That looks like an awesome “priceless” experience! It looks like it was SO fun! Thanks for sharing!

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