Top 15 Tailgating Products for the Ultimate Parking Lot Party!

Gridiron Chef, Doc – aka Jeff Dockeray

When it comes to tailgating, we tip our party hat to Jeff Dockeray.  He has been called “the most savvy and knowledgeable” tailgater in the industry and is a featured grill chef on many national platforms.  Today we are pleased to share his Top 15 Tailgating Products Pick for 2012 season!

Jeff has also been featured as the “Parking Lot Pro” in several tailgating tips videos for Tailgater Monthly Magazine, and as the Grid Iron Chef!

Jeff Dockeray’s TOP 15 Tailgating Products of 2012:

TurboChill: The Evolution of Cold Beer: TurboChill gives you ice cold beer poured at 35-38 degrees at three times the conventional speed of most kegs, without the use of electricity, batteries or any power source. TurboChill allows you to pour ice-cold beer anywhere and everywhere. It is perfect for tailgating, HomeGating, decks, patios and events.

The Grill Plate: Crème Brulee and peach cobbler on the grill? The Grill Plate from Grill Innovations is a patented grill plate with a “V” bottom that not only lets you bake over direct heat, but also is the only product that will let you broil with your grill. The “V” bottom design creates a convection effect, and the flat top gives you an air gap to protect what you are cooking.

GateMate: GateMate is a portable, multifunctional tailgating toolbox that organizes both the casual and hardcore tailgater. It replaces the transporting of bags and boxes of your tools, condiments, party supplies and smallwares with an all-in-one, space-saving box.

Party Companion Tailgate Tray: The Party Companion Tailgate Tray is an all-in-one, handheld tray that allows you and your guests the ease and flexibility to socialize and participate in game day activities while holding a cold beverage, grilled favorites, plate, napkins and utensils… in just one hand! This football field-themed tray is made of sturdy recycled board, for those wanting to use it once, or re-use it all football season.

3D Grill Tree: The 3D Grill Tree makes grilling easier. The exclusive Magic Skewer design stops food from spinning and can be turned in different positions. The Grill Tree has three different grilling heights to work with, and comes with six 8.5-inch skewers.


Sports-Themed Ticket Style Invitations: If you want to show your love of sports on your wedding day or other special occasion, here’s custom designed “ticket style” invitations for sports themed weddings, parties and personalized wedding day accessories. These wedding day programs are designed to look exactly like the official game day program you purchase at a local pro sports stadium or arena, except that it’s filled with “your” photos and wedding/party details.

Grill Master Apron Kit: with Insulated Beverage Pocket: Help the BBQ Chef stay hydrated! A great and unique gift for the griller, the kit includes an apron, detachable bottle opener, padded oven mitt and towel. The apron features multiple pockets for storage, including an insulated pocket for keeping your beverage cold.

Strongback Chair: Most outdoor chairs have your spine sinking to where you’re almost crouching. If you want a healthy back, you must try Strongback. These chairs are the most ergonomically comfortable and portable chairs available anywhere – guaranteed. It is one of the most comfortable seats you will ever sit in – inside or out, says Dockerey.


Rib-o-lator Tray: The Rib-o-lator’s exclusive tray design means you can now rotisserie any food on your BBQ grill – ribs, fish, burgers, steaks, veggies and more. The Rib-o-lator cooks your food with the indirect heat of your barbecue/grill so your food won’t burn or dry out, always finishing tender, moist, and full of flavor.

Rear Gear Sports Cushion: Rear Gear is a deployable and contractible sports cushion. It has a strong belt so it can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder for hand-free convenience. As a seat cushion, it comes with a zippered pocket for your game gear, and works great as a lower back support cushion.


LoopRope: LoopRope, the duct tape of bungee cords, is a fastener that eliminates the daily use of dangerous and limiting bungee cords, messy cargo nets and most other light- to medium-duty tie downs. It’s the only tie down that goes from lashing down your gear to quick-docking a boat to being used as a clothesline at camp, and everything in between.

BeerHats: There are other beer-hats out there, but these are the only ones that are licensed, patented, made from new beer cases and are professionally crafted. Each hat is assembled and shaped by hand, and use a 15-ton hydraulic press and industrial sewing machines during assembly.

The Ultimate Hand: Ultimate Hand – the new #1 in 3-D foam fingers, is for the ultimate fan that wants to make a bold statement. It looks like a real hand, fits comfortably over your own, and offers a customizable jersey sleeve. Now licensed with all major league sports and over 108 colleges.

Enviro-Log® Firestarters: Made from 100 percent recycled eco-friendly wax, Enviro-Log Firestarters offer an alternative to kindling, petroleum-based starter blocks, lighter fluids and ethanol-based gels. Each firestarter provides up to 20 minutes of burn time with tall and consistent flames. Burned to completion, the firestarters are 100 percent consumed and leave no mess to clean up.

BasketPong: BasketPong is a new tailgating game that combines the competitiveness and skill of basketball and darts with the fun, portability and excitement of other outdoor games such as corn hole/bean bag toss. It comes in a lightweight, compact carrying case and can be easily assembled for play on the ground or in a swimming pool within minutes. The backboard features eight slots to insert rims and cups/nets in different patterns, which allows you to customize the game for people of all ages and play at various skill levels.




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