Wine Glass Shades – Party Table and Gift Idea!


Party Bluprints Hot Pick for the Party Table and Hostess Gift!

I came across these clever and cool wine glass shades online at the and can’t wait to use them at my next party.  I love candlelight at the dinner table and this is such a simple and special way to showcase it.  In fact, they’re so pretty, you might want to skip a floral centerpiece and save some money. Wine shades also make a special hostess gift if you happen to be the guest instead of host.

Visit to buy here> Wine Shades

The lamp shades are made made by di Potter of Vellum and they easily convert a wine glasses into elevated votives.  They come in a 6 pack in a variety of color for $22.  You can use them with standard 3-4″ diameter wine glasses.  Here’s a short video that to explain…


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  1. Hi Dawn,

    Great design. I must say that these kinds of glasses are special gifts for daddy, brother or special someone. I think you can use them on events, birthday parties, wedding events, corporate parties, etc. You can also use light glass on dinner table.

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