2 Halloween Candy-Inspired Cocktails!

halloween candy cocktails

Halloween falls on a Saturday night this years so give some special thought to treats for the adults that will be partaking in the fun. Whether you’re hosting a big bash or are expecting a few friends to drop by, be ready to serve up some Halloween treats!  These cool cocktails feature the taste of two or our favorite candies and were generously shared by our friends at Van Gogh Vodka.  Please enjoy and remember to drink and serve responsibly.

Peanut Butter Cup Martini

  • 1½ oz. Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka
  • 1 oz. Castries Crème Peanut Rum
  • ¾ oz. Chocolate Liqueur
  • ½ oz. Cream

Drizzle chocolate syrup into the bottom of a martini glass.  Place the glass into the refrigerator until ready to use.  Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice.  Shake and strain into the chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a peanut butter cup.


  • 1 ½ oz. Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka
  • ½ oz. Irish Cream Liqueur
  • ½ oz. Chocolate Liqueur
  • ½ oz. Amaretto
  • Splash of Cream

Drizzle a thin line of both caramel and chocolate sauce on the inside of a rocks glass and place in refrigerator to chill. Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake over ice. Pour entire contents of shaker into glass.


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