4 Cool Cocktail Trends For 2016

'Cocktail Trends 2016'

4 Cocktail Trends for 2016

This is the year to freshen up your cocktail party menu.  Below we share four cool cocktail trends for 2016 that we have spotted and love.  You can try them out at an intimate dinner party or a larger celebration, no matter what the theme or time of year. Hope you enjoy and please share pictures of your home parties with us by including the hashtag #plantoparty when you post. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  1. Partner Cocktails – Give your guests a choice and a taste of your favorite cocktails.  Serve a pair of signature cocktails like his or hers drinks, sweet or sour, or even hot or cold.  It’s a great conversation starter and it also gives your party the personal touch.  Check out all our cocktail recipes to pick 2 you love here>
  2. Pink – Rosé wine continues to be hot for 2016.  Whether sparkling or not, think pink for your next party. Sparkling Rosé picks>   or Rosé Wine picks>
  3. Pops –  For warmer weather or climates try turning your signature cocktail into a frozen treat.  They are fun and refreshing.  We have 10 great cocktail pop recipes for you to try>
  4. Pairings – Wine has been paired with food for centuries, so why not pair your favorite cocktails with food? Tacos with a Tequila Martini ( recipe here> ) , Gin & Tonic with grilled shrimp ( recipe> ), Whiskey and steak (recipe> ), or a Manhattan with smoky baby back ribs ( recipe> ).

Have you noticed any cocktail trends for 2016?  We would love know what you see in your area of the world.

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