Best Green Wines

Written for By: Kirk Sprenger
Kirk Sprenger is a wine expert and proprietor of Chappaqua Wine & Spirits in Chappaqua, NY. Kirk provides his expert opinion and advice on our wine selections, and, in many cases, advises us on wine selections, pairings, and rules.

Best “Green” Wines

With today’s blitz of “think green”, it is only fitting that the wine industry would follow suit. Though organic wines have been around for decades, they are certainly gaining more recognition. The grape growers have long sought ways of limiting the use of herbicides and pesticides in their farming techniques. In addition to organic farming, many vineyards are incorporating the technique of sustainable farming. This, simply put, is a code of practices by which the entire eco-system is kept in balance and preserved. This includes the effect on soil composites, water supplies and surrounding environments.

Some of our favorites at The Chappaqua Wine & Spirit Company include Penny Farthing Chardonnay. This white has delicate flavors of pear and green apple and a crisp finish without the buttery edge found in many of today’s California Chards. It also happens to be farmed sustainably. For a more weighty white we recommend Bonterra Chardonnay which shows beautiful bright fruit and gentle underlying accents of oak.

Of course, for the red wine lover our choices are just as alluring. Penny Farthing’s Syrah is a rich and satisfying Rhone style with plenty of berry notes and integrated highlights of vanilla and exotic spices.

One producer, Lolonis Vineyards of Mendocino, California took organic farming to a different level by releasing hoards of ladybugs on their vines. These natural predators aid in keeping away aphides without the use of chemicals that might harm the ecology. This has been a practice of theirs for the last fifty years. They produce a Cabernet Sauvignon which is rich and vibrant in fruit with a velvety texture.

Remember to enjoy these eco friendly organic wines as you would any other. “Go Green”.

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