Cool Off With A Raspberry Mojito Royale


WOW it’s HOT – NYC is in the middle of a summer heat wave!  It’s been a 100 degrees in many areas of NY and NJ this week.  And when the temperature rises, I start dreaming about the ocean breeze and a cold cocktail.  There is nothing like it when you need to beat the heat.  So next time you are ready to indulge, try this winner from Soy Chiever,  Head Mixologist at Ava Lounge in New York City.  His original cocktail recipe allows you to mix it up with the summer’s best produce while cooling down with DonQ – Puerto Rico’s best-selling rum!  Find more amazing recipes at DonQ’s  facebook page.



2 Responses to Cool Off With A Raspberry Mojito Royale

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  2. I really like Mojito! That looks very tasty! I think it’s main ingredient of every parties 😉

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