Crystal Light Mocktails Are A Summer Party Hit!

UPDATE for Spring 2012 – Crystal Light Mocktails introduce 2 NEW limited edition flavors available while supplies last from April – June 2012 Read More>



As of this posting there are only 85 days left to enjoy The Crystal Light Mocktails.

You need to act fast, but sip slow, because these are really good.  I have to say I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised! Elizabeth and I taste tested all 3 flavors, her favorite was the Margarita, mine the Mojito  (p.s. our kids loved the Appletini).  We are stocking up on them this summer for parties and to enjoy on our own.  I’m going to pack them for trips to the beach, where many times alcohol is prohibited.  Below is a list of all the reasons I recommend you stock up on the NEW Crystal Light Mocktails too.

  • There are 3 cool flavors that truly taste like their namesakes:  Mojito, Margarita & Appletini.
  • They are guilt free – each is only 5 calories per serving!
  • They make for easy entertaining – there is no mixing, muddling or mess.
  • They are economical, one packet pours into 2 quarts of water, ah yes that’s 8 servings!
  • They allow you to be a considerate and responsible host this summer.  The mocktails are a special alternative to other more boring non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Just saying. . .  you can always spike them!
  • You can switch these up by adding seltzer for fizz or freeze them like I did for Party Pops!

I froze the Crystal Light Mocktails and made Party Pops that were a huge hit!  They are so much easier to make than Cocktail Pops (freezing alcohol is tricky) and the kids can enjoy them too.

To get you started with your summer parties, we are giving away bundles of Crystal Light Mocktails!  Good Luck and CHEERS! To keep in touch and ask questions about where you can find them in your area try the Crystal Light facebook page.



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Leave a comment about why you love Crystal Light and make sure to include your email address in the comment form so I can contact you if you win.  U.S. Residents only.

. . . and please be sure to follow Crystal Light on twitter and facebook to join the party this summer!

DEADLINE: Thursday June 16th, 2011, midnight EST.

Disclosure: I have received this product free from Crystal Light to taste test.  The review and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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  2. Love it, love it! About time they made something for us nondrinkers! Why only a limited time? What is with that?

  3. […] and check out our mocktail party pop idea for summer entertaining here> […]

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  4. Upstate New York – Price Chopper carries them – $5 per cannister. In Saratoga Springs – half hour north of Albany, BJs Wholesale club carries a 3 pack (one of each flavor) for $5.99 – HUGE price difference. Been told Wegman’s in central NY carries but not sure on price.

  5. I have been looking all over for the mocktails and cannot find them in any of my local stores. I REFUSE to pay $30+ dollars to someone who is selling them on Is there any other way to order these online? I’m 6 months pregnant and thought this would be a nice treat when I’m hanging out with friends who are drinking – it’s a great alternative to water!!

  6. I finally found them tonight and bought all three because there were not that many left and the store said that they would not be getting more in. Also, all the coupons were gone. I paid $4.99 for each container which was a little pricey I thought because I usually pay around $2.00 for a box of my regular Crystal Light. Tried the Mojito first and I’m in love. I have to find more of these and stock up before the end of summer. Hopefully CL will think twice about taking them off the market after summer is done.

  7. I live in the virgin Islands and I know we will never have this product down here before it’s gone. Is there a place to buy it on line? I’ve looked and I can’t seem to find anything.

  8. I love Crystal Light because it allows me to add flavor to water without all the calories soda and juice has.

  9. Being a flight attendant, I need to stay hydrated all day long. Crystal Lite satisfys my thirst and gives me the hydration and energy that I need to get through the day.

  10. I have been a fan of Crystal Light for many, many years now and they just keep getting better. Great variety of flavors, refreshing taste and only 5 calories! What could be better than that.

  11. desparately searching in 3 states! i live in ohio and work in KY and Indiana–cannot locate them–looked on ebay and amazon but the prices are crazy!!
    I hope if these are not widely distributed that they will extend them or offer a mail order option.

  12. I used to drink Pepsi…Drinking at least 15 cans a day…And Crystail Light change all that. Know it is all I drink..And in less then two months Ive lost 15 lbs So Thank you Crystal Light

  13. Checking their facebook page ( the link is above) is the best way to find out. There’s no store locator feature for this product.

  14. I want to know where I can get the crystal light mocktails??? I live on Long Island, New York Thanks…

  15. So sorry everyone – I was told by Kraft they will be available to mass market this summer. Keep looking and I will keep asking for more info! Also keep on top of new info at their facebook page, the link is above.

  16. I live in central Texas and have not found these at HEB or Walmart. They look good,help me find them.

  17. I only tried the Mojito flavor- I bought out the local HEB and cant find them any more…help! They are delicious alone or spiked- I took the mix to the beach and everyone thought I had created a new drink from scratch!

  18. Hope the fact this is still open means it’s been exended….fingers crossed. I love the taste of Crystal Light w/out wasting calories. But would LOVE to try mocktails. I can’t drink because of meds I take, but combine that w//lo cal and save to drink and it sounds too good to be true. PLEASE prove me wrong!!!!

  19. My whole family drinks crystal light, it started with me ,grandma .I am diabetic so I gave crystal light a try and loved it.have not seen these mocktails yet, but hope to try them soon

  20. I don’t drink alcohol because alcoholism runs in my family. But I LOVE the refreshing flavors of margarita and mojito almost as much as I love Crystal Light!

  21. Crystal Light is a great alternative to plain water. It feels like a cheat, but it isn’t! I would love to try the mocktails, the ultimate cheat! Can’t find them in my area. Hope I win <3

  22. Love, love, love Crystal Light! It’s my favorite summer beverage and I can’t wait to be able to enjoy the new “Mocktails”. I am currently on Weight Watchers and with the new Mocktails, I will be able to enjoy a delicious cocktail without adding tons of calories to my day! Thank you, Crystal Light!!

  23. YUM! Wasting 600 calories on a margarita is not my thing…..not when I can enjoy actual food instead! Crystal Light Mocktails are so delicious you don’t feel at all “deprived” that you’re not sucking down all those excess calories. Why the time limit??? These babies need to stick around all year long!!!

  24. I love crystal light. I make a gallon of sweet tea a day for my husband and I drink only crystal light. I would love to win this because I have yet to find the new crystal light mocktails in my area and I would love to try the new flavors. Thanks for your consideration.


  25. Well, I USE to “love” Crystal Light because of the great flavor, reasonably sane ingredient lists and compatibility with low sugar dietary needs. Even if they never did switch to Splenda except for the spendy premixed bottled drinks. But I did love them and was loyal. Right on up until when they discontinued the Mandarin Red Tea without any warning – the only thing I drank for over three years besides genuine red tea and plain water. 🙁

    I’d LIKE to love Crystal Light again but the horse puck of it being “seasonal”, not having a distribution in my area to date and them not selling it online or releasing where it’s being shipped to under the lame duck of “We don’t know” (because a manufacturer would never know where they are shipping product, right?) as me questioning if I should even open my heart again. But despite those dubious marketing tactics I’m all about trying to “win” a free sampler. If it’s as good as the reviews out are clamoring and they don’t yank the consumers around yet again, and I could see myself being a loyal consumer again.

  26. I love Crystal Light’s light refreshing taste, the ease with which to mix it up and that even my husband will drink it if I have a pitcher in the fridge…

  27. I love Crystal Light. I have been drinking it since it first hit the store shelves. It has a great taste and few calories. I have not been able to find the Mocktini at the in North Bay, CA.

  28. My local grocery store doesn’t carry these, so I have not yet tried them. I would love to be able to check them out this summer!

  29. I love the flavors of Crystal light. It helps me to get more water in my day. Thanks for a chance to win!

  30. I love Crystal Light because it’s low in calories, tastes great and comes in easy travel packets. AND it’s cheaper than a 6 pack of soda. I haven’t seen the new mocktail ones though and dying to try the mojito one.

  31. Thank You ~ I had a addiction to diet coke ~ last year I gave it up ~ now i only drink water & crystal light. When we have get togethers at our house ~ we always serve Crystal Light. Thank you for all the awesome flavors.

  32. Please tell me where I can buy the Crystal Lite Mojito’s (Mocktails) – I live in Southern California

  33. I am now “teased” with these wonderful sounding “Mocktails” and cannot find them anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Plus, we don’t even have Walmarts around us where I would probably find these new products! Our summer weather doesn’t appear until Sept/Oct, we currently have fog and gail force winds, so need something to sip to make me think summer is here!!! Hoping you wil send a deprived Crystal Light lover these wonderful new flavors!

    Craving Warmth, Sun and Mocktails 🙂

  34. Crystal Light rocks, on the rocks! I love the iced tea and lemonade. Now I can’t wait to try these guilt-free mock-tinis.

  35. I love taking crystal light to the gym when I work out! Can’t wait to try the mocktails… they sound perfect for these hot summer nights. And they’ll help me stay on track!

  36. I love crystal light! I drink a ton of water and adding crystal light to a bottle gives me just the right amount of flavor! Can’t wait to try the Margarita Mocktail! (

  37. im lovin the idea of a guit free margarita they are my fav drink anyways. i love my crystal light always have and always will espically since it helps me stay on track with my weight loss and a new and brand new me!!

  38. I love crystal light. I can’t wait to try out these mocktails! I use these to stay hydrated and to cut calories.

  39. Crystal light has really allowed me to enjoy something other than sodas. My family really enjoys it as well not knowing that it is a healthier alternative. With Crystal Light my husband was able to cut out sodas all together and lost over 70lbs. Thanks to the makers of crystlight.

  40. I love Crystal Light, guilt free, refreshing , and convenient . I’m looking all over trying to find the cocktail flocked but not having ANY luck. I am excited to try them. Thank you so much!!!

  41. I love the new Crystal Light Mocktails because I am currently on weight watchers and I feel like I am actually drinking when I have these for 0 points!!! Mojio is my absolute fav!!!

  42. I love Crystal Light. It’s pretty much the only thing I drink anymore. I fill up my water bottle, pour in a packet of whatever flavor of Crystal Light I pull out of my desk drawer and enjoy. It makes my day happier.

  43. I love the bottled (alcholic) Mohitos you USED to be able to buy, but can’t find anymore. These new Mocktails look great & I love Crystal LIght. Where can I buy them? I have not seen them in stores yet.

  44. I love the bottled Mohito drinks you USED to be able to buy. I can’t find them any more. These new Mocktails look good. Where can I find them? I haven’t see them anywhere yet.

  45. I LOVE Crystal Light and pour one into my water jug every day… but Crystal Light that tastes like my favorite cocktails?!?! This is just too good to be true… A mojito and none of the guilt… I need this!!!

  46. I <3 Crystal Light fruity flavors and can't wait to try the Mocktails. They are my guilt-free, go-to refreshing drink. And I love that I can adjust the drink mix : water ratio as needed.

  47. I love Crystal Light for their big flavors, and the number of great flavors and ease of use. I hate regular water and this allows me to drink more, guilt free, and it’s not loaded with sugar or overly sweet. The refreshingness I feel downing a large glass after working long hot hours in the yard is sooo satisfying. I love love and will be giving to my newborn over the sugar based koolaids and mixers as baby gets older. Thanks Crystal Light!!!

  48. I love Crystal Light. It’s portable and has so many yummy flavors to choose from. I love it because it doesn’t have as many additives as most drinks out there. Plus it has just the right amount of sweetness.

  49. I LOVE Crystal Light and these are impossible to find in stores. Summer’s here and Mocktails would be perfect for patio parties and BBQs–help a girl out!! 🙂

  50. I love Crystal Light as it is sugar free, yet tastes great. Thank you Crystal Light for helping me get through my long workday! I would love to be the one to bring these new flavors to trade in the lunchroom, yum!

  51. I love Crystal Light because its not sweet and it has a lot less sugar than kool aide. My son cant drink kool aide or strait juice because of all the sugar so the crystal light is amazing when it comes to my son drinking juice. I don’t like to drink a lot of pop and the crystal light is just what my family and I need. I am dying to try these new flavors of crystal light I’m going to drive my self crazy until I find them in a store.

  52. I love Crystal Light because they have such a wide variety of flavors, but the best for me is that there are varieties that are caffeine free and I am very sensitive to caffeine. I would love to add these Mocktails flavors to my beverage list.

  53. Have been using Crystal Lite for years. Used to be able to pack a blender in my luggage when going on a cruise. Pack some crystal light & alcohol, grab some ice on board and make frozen cocktails with less calories of course. These mocktail flavors would have made things much easier/more fun!

  54. I love Crystal Light because they have such a great selection of tasty flavors that I can enjoy without all the sugar!

  55. I’ve always used crystal light to make low cal margaritas. Can’t wait to try these. Haven’t seen them yet.

  56. i LOVE Crystal light because it prevents me from drinking 5 cups of sugar from my husbands kool aid LOL!!! Th flavors are delicious

  57. I Love Crystal Light. I am diabetic so I can’t do sugar and Crystal Light tastes so good. I love the to go packets. I’ll mix different ones together sometimes to make different flavors. I mic the lemonade with the cherry pom. Yum yum

    I follow them on Facebook and twitter

    Ladyblueeyez1960 at aol dot com

  58. I only drink Crystal Light drinks because they are the only powder drinks that have true flavor. Others using the same water as stated on their package have water down taste not worth drinking.

  59. I love the to go packets of crystal light and lemonade has always been my favorite! Those frozen mocktail pops look delish!

  60. Since giving up pop 6 years ago crystal light has made my life flavorful again!! I love their products, I keep the single packets in my purse, car and breifcase at work. I can’t wait to try these new mocktails this summer!!!

  61. I love Crystal light and drink it at work all the time. The new flavors sound wonderful and I would like to try them, what a great flavor to have at a summer party in the back yard.


  62. My family loves Crystal Light. We drink it like it’s “going out of style”. I can’t find the Mocktails in any of our local supermarkets. Please send me samples of these 3 new Mocktails. I can’t wait to try them.

  63. The word from Crystal Light is… “They’re available for a limited time in mass market and grocery stores nationwide now, so continue to keep a lookout when shopping!” Also, you can ask on the facebook page or twitter account that I have links to above.

  64. I can not find these flavors in any stores.Ant idea where I can locate them. I stay in Georgia.

  65. They are not being sold in San Diego, CA yet and no help from Kraft foods about this issue. They just say to speak to the store manager and the store managers say to speak to the distributor. Drat.

  66. I have always loved crystal light and I am so excited to try these mocktails out. My only fear is I will fall in love and then summer will end and I won’t be able to get them anymore!

  67. I have loved Crystal Light since I was a kid, but these mocktails make it really cool for adults!

  68. We are big Crystal Light drinkers! We drink it because of the taste and it’s a great way to get our daily dose of water in a less than boring way:) How exciting they came out with Mocktails!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. I love Crystal Light because it actually helps me drink more than my recommended amount of water per day, without making me feel bloated.

  70. Love Crystal Light. Being in Texas where the summers are long and hot it is great to have a refreshing drink with only 5 calories per serving so that you can keep hydrated.

  71. We love Crystal Light at our house! My 18 year old daughter has Type 1 diabetes and these are a blessing for her, something great to drink!!!

  72. I have been searching for Mocktails everywhere and I can’t find them!! I live in Stuart FL.

  73. oh we drink the peach and lemon tea ALL the time…i love the little individual packets when traveling!!! our. can’t wait to find these!!! XOXOX i will follow!!!

  74. These look fantastic! Where can we purchase them? The Crystal Light website does not have them listed.

  75. Yum, I love this idea. I love Margaritas but the Appletini looks like it would be delicious! I think this would be great at parties, especially the Popsicles and kids can enjoy them too!

  76. I Love Christal Light! There are so many great flavors to enjoy. Big taste with little calories.

    P.S. PartyBluPrints – I love you too!

  77. I love Crystal Light because I got some awesome deals on it a while back with coupons, so I stocked up on their Iced Tea and really loved the flavor – in fact, it turned out to be a big hit when I was entertaining guests, too! It’s so quick and easy to make during hot summer months, so I’d love to try these flavors. Thank you for the giveaway!

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