Perfect Pink Sparkling Wines For Valentine’s Day

Looking for something special for Valentine’s Day?  Pink Sparkling Wine is a great choice.  The bubbles and hint of color look like Valentine’s Day in a glass!

A few years ago, our resident wine expert, Kirk Sprenger turned us on to thinking pink for Valentine’s Day.  In his words, “Valentine’s Day is the day of romance. And, for that, what’s better than something pretty in pink? Perhaps one of the wine world’s largest misnomers is that all pink wines are insipidly cloying and sweet. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to sip The Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour.  I especially want to try this sparkling wine since, Elizabeth and I will be visiting the winery as part of the 2nd Annual Wine Sisterhood Gathering. They will be hosting the sisterhood for a lunch and sparkling wine tasting at The Domaine Carneros chateau.  Established in 1987, Domaine Carneros is considered a regional landmark. Eileen Crane heads Domaine Carneros’ winemaking team, producing limited-production Sparkling Wine and Pinot Noir from grapes grown in their certified organic vineyards.


The Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour

90 Points – Wine Enthusiast

“Medium-pink in color and appropriately juicy in the emerging style that has taken centerstage in modern Rosé bubblies, this attractive effort leads with notes of ripe cherries and just a hint of tart berries showing up in the background. Youthfully energetic in the mouth with a finely grained shower of bubbles and richly fruity flavors coming to the fore, the wine picks up a touch of astringency in the late going and will find itself as much suited to light finger foods as it is as to service as a stand alone sip.”


Here are some more picks for the best in this category from Kirk:

  • Lucien Albrecht Brut Rose   ranges in price from $18-22.
  • Etoile Brut   ranges in price from $27-32.
  • Domaine des Sablon St. Amour  ranges in price from $14-17.

Some of our favorite pink wines are rose Champagnes and sparkling wines.One that comes to mind immediately is Lucien Albrecht Cremant D’AlsaceBrut Rose. This sparkling wine from France’s Alsace district shows gentle hints of raspberry and strawberry while not implying any sweetness at all. An incredible value that we have found pleasing to many of our clients.For those who are looking for a more traditional white style of sparkling wine, look for Etoile Brut produced in Sonoma California by Chandon, of Moet & Chandon. This is one of the most elegant styles of sparkling wines that I have come across in years. Light, crisp and well balanced with small fine bubbles.Another favorite of ours for Valentine’s Day is from Beaujolais. It is Domaine des Sablons Saint Amour by Georges Duboeuf. While this is not of the rose family, it falls into the category of soft, delicate fruitful reds that caress the palate. Enjoy its violet scented bouquet and lush cherry nuances. Few wines can claim to “caress” while at the same time carrying the name of “amore”.

Written By: Kirk Sprenger is a wine expert and proprietor of The Chappaqua Wines & Spirit Company Online Store Kirk provides his expert opinion and advice on our wine selections, and, in many cases, advises us on wine selections, pairings, and rules.


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