The Coolest Boxed Wine For Your Party!



Boxed wine is not just for squares anymore.

Ok, I stole that line from another site and you didn’t hear it from me first.   However, I want to share some of the best boxed wines, I recently have had the opportunity to taste.

We all know by now, that boxed wines have come a long way and some very notable wineries are opting for this packaging.   Those that formerly bottled only in glass are now switching to Tetra Pak.  This packaging is really a “bag in a box”, here’s what the NY Times had to say:

“The bag-in-a-box technology is uniquely suited to preserve wine once a package is opened. How does it work? A plastic bag, as big as five liters, is filled with wine. The bag is then placed within a cardboard box, which serves as a sort of exoskeleton protecting the bag. A plastic tap allows access to the wine within, through a hole in the box. As wine is poured through the tap, the process acts as a vacuum, sucking air out of the bag, which shrinks to encase the remaining wine. With no headroom for air to fill, the wine is well protected. Once opened, the wine lasts for weeks, rather than for a few days in a bottle.”

That being said, if the wine, in the bag, in the box, doesn’t taste great, the technology doesn’t really matter.  That’s why I love the Octavin Home Wine Bar offerings .  Each not only utilizes great technology in cool packaging, they are great tasting wines!  Plus, talk about bang for the “buck per box” – each container houses 4 bottles of wine (at $24, that’s $6 per bottle).

Octavin Home Wine Bar nationally available wines:

  • R. Muller, Germany, Riesling, $24  MY PICK!
  • A.Mano, Italy, Pinot Grigio, $24
  • Silver Birch Vineyards, New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc, $24
  • Pinot Evil, France: Pinot Noir, $24
  • Seven, Bodegas Osborne, Spain: Red Table Wine from seven Spanish red varietals $24
  • Monthaven Vineyards, Monterey County, California: Central Coast Chardonnay, $24
  • Monthaven Vineyards, Monterey County, California: Central Coast Merlot $24
  • Monthaven Vineyards, Monterey County, California: Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon $24

For Tasting Notes, Reproducible Photos, Winemaker Interviews:

NOTE: Once opened, the wines will stay fresh for at least six weeks after opening.  This is because of the patented spout and vacuum-packed bag do not let air come into contact with the wine.


I shared my pick above, now here’s what three of my trusted resources had to say…

Silver Birch Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand $24 (3 liter Octavin box) Housed in a sleek eight-sided, eco-friendly container it’s the equivalent of four bottles at $6 each. Herbal aromas with lemon/lime flavors show off SB character at an affordable price (and it stays fresh for weeks). Leslie Sbrocco – award-winning author, speaker, wine consultant, television host, and founder of the new multi-media company, Thirsty Girl.  Sbrocco’s first book, Wine for Women: A Guide to Buying, Pairing and Sharing Wine .




Silver Birch Vineyards, New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc, $24 Wine Enthuisiast – Best Buy pick rated 87.


To start you off, here are a few that we’ve enjoyed in the Test Kitchen recently:  *Big House Red, an easy-drinking blend from California $22 – picked by Catherine Lo of Good Housekeeping.



Disclusure: The Partybluprints Blog received wine for tasting and review purposes, free of charge from Octavin Home Wine Bar.  The opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.

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