The New Crystal Light® Mocktails – Bellini and Pomtini!

They’re here but only for a while – the hottest mocktails of the season!

Last summer, readers here at the Partybluprints Blog were in a frenzy to buy the beverage of the season, Crystal Light Mocktails.  When Crystal Light launched their new Mocktail line, in 3 awesome flavors: Margarita, Mojito, Appletini, they couldn’t keep them on the shelves.  So this season you are getting the inside scoop,  Crystal Light Mocktails are hitting the shelves in April in 2 NEW limited-edition flavors:  Peach Bellini and Pomtini.

FYI: The new flavors are only available while supplies last from April to June 2012

TIP:  It’s best when served over lots of ice!

You need to act fast, but sip slow and enjoy them while they’re here!  We are stocking up on them for spring and summer parties and to enjoy on our own.  I’m going to pack them for trips to the beach, where many times alcohol is prohibited.  Below is a list of all the reasons I recommend you stock up on the NEW Crystal Light Mocktails too.

  • They are guilt free – each is only 5 calories per serving.  Plus, they contain 0 carbohydrates per 8 fl. oz. serving and are Gluten-Free!
  • They make for easy entertaining –  mix up the perfect pitcher without the hassle of muddling limes, blending ice or using a cocktail strainer.
  • They are economical, one packet pours into 2 quarts of water, ah yes that’s 8 servings!
  • Mocktails allow you to be a considerate and responsible host this summer.  They are a special alternative to other, more generic, non-alcoholic beverages.
  • You can switch these up by adding seltzer for fizz or freeze them into Mocktail Party Pops!
  • Be the first to introduce them to your friends and family!

For more information about Crystal Light Mocktails, follow Crystal Light on twitter and facebook and join the party this spring and summer!

Be a Crystal Light Insider>

and check out our mocktail party pop idea for summer entertaining here>


Disclosure:  I was not paid for this post, but received samples in the mail.



4 Responses to The New Crystal Light® Mocktails – Bellini and Pomtini!

  1. Fay, Reach out to them on the facebook page to find stores in your area. The link to their facebook page is included in the post above.

  2. Love the Margarita and Mojito flavors, I add a sugar free flavored posicle to give it a boost. But I am searching for the peach bellini,unable to find anyplace to buy it. HELP!!!

  3. […] UPDATE for Spring 2012 – 2 NEW limited Edition Flavors from April – June 2012 Read More> […]

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  4. I just tried mine and I like the Peach Bellini over the Pomtini. Also, I received green napkins rather than the yellow color.

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