Wine Pairing for Surf & Turf

Summer usually means at least one great Surf and Turf BBQ or maybe you treat yourself to this special meal while on vacation. Either way, picking the right wine to compliment your meal is important. We went to our resident wine expert to find out which wine works best with land and sea! Here is what he said . . .

“Comments from Kirk” – Kirk Sprenger is a wine expert and proprietor of Chappaqua Wine & Spirits in Chappaqua, NY. Kirk provides his expert opinion and advice on our wine selections, pairings and rules.

The following are Kirk’s comments for a Surf & Turf pairing:

White wine with fish, red wine with meat. Always obey the rules, when possible.  However, sometimes life throws us a curve ball. Periodically we are faced with little obstacles such as Surf & Turf. Herein lays the dilemma. There happens to be a simple resolution though. The answer is Pinot Noir. Oily fish and tannic reds have a tendency to clash, yet Pinot Noir usually contains lower tannins and can unite very favorably. For this type of dish, I would certainly recommend Irony from Monterey which has an abundance of cherry rich fruit and a very delicate texture. For those who are looking for a bit more depth and body with the same lushness of fruit, seek out Domaine Chandon from Carneros. Irony ranges in price from $14-17/Domaine Chandon ranges in price from $28-32 (current market prices)


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