Best Boxed Wine For the Buck May Save Your Summer Party!

Summer parties are some of the best memories I have of my childhood and are also what keep me going during the dark, icy cold days of January and February.  However, they do present some challenges for home entertainers.  Two in particular come from moving the party outside.  We tend to invite more people to our outdoor parties than those we host indoors, making them more expensive.  In addition, when we host outside on patios and near pools or at the beach, we need to be more conscious of glassware breakage.  That is why this article from CNN Eatocracy’s Ray Isle  –  Food & Wine’s executive wine editor struck a chord with me today. I had to share here with you!

Boxed wine is a summer party saver because you can serve a crowd for a fraction of the cost of most bottled wines and there are no worries about glass breakage.   Below is an excerpt from Ray Isle’s article with his picks for the BEST BOXED WINES. To read the article in its entirety with notes on each wine go>.  You can also follow Ray Isle on twitter here @islewine.

” It used to be that all boxed wine was bad. That was easy. Now things are trickier, because a number of producers are actually putting good wine – and sometimes really good wine – into boxes. It’s actually possible to go out there, trade your twenty bucks for a 3 liter (that’s four bottles-worth) box of wine, and end up not only with something you can tolerate, but something you’ll actually enjoy quite a bit.”

Plus, you get the basic box benefits on top of that: The wine stays fresh for up to three weeks once you start dispensing it; boxes leave less of a carbon footprint, so your green friends will love you; and there’s no glass involved, so you can take your box o’ wine to the beach with you.

  • 2009 Bota Box California Chardonnay ($19)
  • NV Pepperwood Grove Big Green Box Chardonnay ($20)
  • 2008 Würtz Riesling ($22)
  • 2008 Banrock Station Shiraz ($19)
  • 2008 Powers Cabernet Sauvignon ($24)


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