Bring on the Beaujolais! – Friday’s Featured Cocktail is Wine

“Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!”, “The New Beaujolais has arrived!”

At exactly one minute past midnight on the third Thursday of each November, Beaujolais is released for immediate shipment worldwide, about 65 million bottles! The fanfare surrounding this wine’s trek from tiny villages in France to your table is due to the fact it’s the first wine of the season in the northern hemisphere. Beaujolais Nouveau is made from the gamay grape, grown in the Beaujolais region of southeast France. It’s vinified quickly, producing a very light, fruity red wine that is purple-pink in color. It pairs well with turkey and makes a fun and festive addition to your Thanksgiving Table.

If you haven’t already tried a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau, do so this year – but don’t wait too long.  Although the bottles are just arriving at wine shops this week, they sell out fast.


  • George Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2010
  • Rochette Beaujolais Nouveau 2010


  • Serve at about 55 degrees, cooler than usual for a red wine.
  • Beaujolais Nouveau is intended for immediate drinking, and in general should not be kept for more than a year.
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