Hot NEW Product for Keeping Wine Cool!

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Yes, this is my new favorite product for summer entertaining: The Ravi Wine Chiller!  It saves you time, money and stress when you entertain so you can chill just like your wine! The Ravi Wine Chiller can chill wine from room temperature to its ideal serving temperature in an instant – and that just made serving wine for your summer parties and BBQs simple! Now you don’t have to waste precious real estate in your fridge keeping wine cool or waste time and money on filling and refreshing wine buckets with ice during your party (I hate to see wine bottles floating in a warm pool of water, yuck).   Great Perk: the Ravi chills your wine but doesn’t change the wine’s characteristics or taste because the internal cooling tube is made from the same stainless steel used in fermentation tanks.  It also allows you and your guests to enjoy a great bottle of wine without watering it down because you had to add ice to the glass.

To use: Simply place the Ravi in the freezer for six hours before using. The shell works like a cooler and is designed to cool a full bottle of wine being served within one hour. Ravi easily fits onto the neck of your wine bottles and can be used with red, white and rosé wine.

To purchase the Ravi Wine Chiller go> SurLaTable Available on 06/02/2010

The Partybluprints Blog did NOT receive any form of compensation for this product review. It’s just one of our great finds that we had to share with YOU!

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  1. Marco says:

    What a “cool” product.

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