Moscato is Making News!

Moscato is seriously trending this year and if you haven’t tried it, the holidays are a good time.  Everyone from Hip Hop artists to hosts in the know are singing its praises and serving it at their tables.  Sales for Moscato are up 91% this year!   So why is Moscato so hot?  Here are just a few of the reasons…

  • the frizzante style is perfect for celebratory events and the holidays.
  • it’s simply perfect as a pre-dinner cocktail.
  • it’s a fabulous finish to any meal and is delicious with a light dessert cake.
  • it’s lower in alcohol only 8% verses 11% – 14% for most wines.
  • it’s very affordable when hosting a crowd!

Jacob’s Creek currently offers two different Moscatos; a classic still Moscato and a Sparkling Rose Moscato, and due to the overwhelming response of these wines, Jacobs Creek will be launching the NEW Sparkling Moscato in early 2012. You can learn more online at and at facebook.



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