Tips for Tasting Wine Like a Pro.

I love wine and this time of year my crush on it gets even more intense. September to October is harvest season in wine country, and is known as the Crush. I was very fortunate to visit Napa during the crush. It’s an amazing time to be there and you can feel the excitement in the air as wine growers, producers, tasters and masters begin the process of creating the new year’s wine. A new harvest of grapes that holds a promise for great vintage.

Since the Crush is here, I thought I would share some tips with you for tasting wine like a pro. Each will enhance your tasting experience and bring out the full potential of the bottle you are enjoying


Elizabeth and I get our “Lucy and Ethel” moment during the Crush at Grgich Hills

Tips For Tasting Like A Pro

1. Seeing is Believing

2. The Nose Knows

3. Taste not Waste

4. Make it to the Finish Line

Kirk Sprenger our resident wine expert details tips 1 through 4 below:


5. The Glass does matter

The glass you taste wine with, does matter. If a glass is engineered correctly, it will allow you to fully enjoy all of the taste a particular wine has to offer. Riedel is our pick for wine glasses that are perfectly engineered to guide wine over the palate. Each glass is designed so that the wine you sip will hit select spots in your mouth and tongue. Certain wines need to hit the sides of your tongue, others the tip. This impacts how you taste the wine and ultimately your enjoyment.

6. Do your homework

Every bottle of wine has a story. The main elements of the story can be found right on the bottle: the name of the winery, the type of grape(s), where the grapes where grown (on the estate or by a farmer up the road) and the year the grapes were harvested. When you take the time to learn “the story” behind the bottle, you recognize and appreciate all the time, work and passion that went into making your bottle of wine. This extra bit of “leg work” personalizes your tasting experience by allowing you to connect with the roots of your wine.

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  1. Love Arcadian Westerly Vineyard Syrah 2004
    Syrah/Shiraz from Central Coast, California – 90+ rating at just 19.99 a bottle!

  2. Speaking of wine, I’m craving something good now… Any recommendations? Either way, Trader Joe’s here I come!

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