10 All-American Ways To Top Your Hot Dog


Top 10 Hot Dog Recipes From Across The US.

Grilling up franks is as American as apple pie, and there are so many delicious ways to top them. Below please enjoy a fabulous recipes from across the USA. Add to the festivities the 4th of July weekend and pick your favorites to serve to family and friends, or create a toppings bar with lots of choices. Let your guests make it their way in honor of Independence Day. Shown above is my favorite way to eat a hot dog: grilled with relish, onions, ketchup and mustard. 

1. Alabama-style Willy Dog

Popular in lower Alabama, these hot dogs are topped with ketchup, mustard, chili, sauerkraut and pickles.

2. Carolina Hot Dogs

Native to both North and South Carolina, these franks are served with chili, cole slaw, mustard and onions.

3. D.C.’s Monumental Dog

Popular within the nation’s capital, this hot dog is typically a beef frank topped with banana peppers, onions, diced red peppers, sliced pickles and served on a steamed potato hot dog bun that has been spread with mayonnaise.

4. Georgia’s Scrambled Dog

Served on a toasted white bun, this southern classic is usually topped with mustard and a spicy chili made with beans and large chunks of diced raw onions.

5. New York City’s Street Cart Dog

Essentially the hot dog capital of the nation, New York City’s infamous street cart dog is boiled and then served with a special onion sauce and deli-style yellow mustard, or in some cases sauerkraut.

6. Boston’s Frank

As one of the nation’s most famous franks, this hot dog is boiled and grilled, then served in a New England-style bun topped with mustard and relish.

7. Chicago Dog

Served in a poppy seed bun, this legendary hot dog is layered with yellow mustard, green relish, chopped raw onion, fresh tomato, a pickle spear and topped with a touch of celery salt.

8. Detroit’s Coney Dog

This Michigan favorite is topped with an all-meat, bean-less chili, diced yellow onion, yellow mustard and is typically served on a steamed bun.

9. L.A. West Coast Dog

This west coast wiener is wrapped with bacon and is topped with grilled onions, jalapeño or bell peppers and salsa.

10. Texas Chili Dog

This spicy offering from Texas is generally a beef frank topped with spicy chili, cheese and jalapeño peppers for an extra kick.


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