Sweet Tart Carrot Juice – Homemade Recipe


Fall has arrived and with it cooler days and carrot season!  So why not serve your guests a healthy shot of goodness when you host this fall.

Since carrots are available and harvested in temperate climates of North America year-round, you may not have realized that they do indeed have a season. Carrot’s natural harvest season is late summer into fall, so now is the perfect time to enjoy juicing this bright and healthy veggie! Carrots juice is not only naturally sweet and delicious, it’s also an excellent way to boost up your immune system for the cold and flu season that begins this time of year too.  With this in mind, we wanted to share a special recipe for carrot juice that you can make at home with a juicer.  We named it Sweet Tart Carrot juice because of the lemon, lime and green grapes that give it additional layers of sweet and tart flavors.  If you don’t have a juicer of your own, borrow a friends and give it a try.


The health benefits from carrots are numerous, just google it and you will see a list that includes everything from improving eyesight to digestive health.  Topping the list for us is the fact carrots are a valuable source of antioxidant vitamins. These, as we all know, benefit your immune system and help prevent premature aging.   But did you know that a cup of carrot juice gives you more than one-fourth of your daily requirement for vitamin C and half the vitamin E you need, while a raw carrot only provides 5 percent of the vitamin C and 3 percent of the vitamin E you need each day.  Carrot juice also gives you more than three times your recommended daily intake for vitamin A, an important antioxidant.  So juice up and enjoy!



Sweet Tart Carrot Juice – 1 serving


  • 5 Medium Sized Carrots (green tips cut off)
  • ½ Lemon
  • ¼ Lime
  • 12 Green Grapes


Wash the carrots thoroughly and cut off the green tips. Then chop the carrots, slice lemon, lime and grapes to fit in the hopper. Juice according to your juicer instructions.  Refrigerate to chill, then serve.

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