6 Easy Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas!

McCormicks.com is really letting their Irish show with these fun, festive and fabulous dessert ideas.


  • 1 – Luck o’ the Irish Cake Pops: Give the cake pop trend some St. Patrick’s Day spirit with green food color and decorate with shamrock sprinkles for a festive dessert, inside and out. Recipe here>
  • 2 – Easy Green Velvet Cupcakes: A green twist on classic red velvet, these cupcakes take basic cake mix to delicious new heights with the addition of Pure Vanilla Extract, green food color, sour cream and cocoa powder. Recipe Here>
  • 3 – Paddy’s Pudding: Your leprechauns will love this bright, creamy layered pudding dessert. Recipe here>
  • 4 – Irish Cream Swirl Brownies: This favorite takes on a seasonal twist with a splash of Irish cream liqueur and green food coloring. The decadent brownie and swirl topping will leave everyone tapping their feet to a Celtic tune. Recipe here>
  • 5 – Emerald Mint Milkshake: This classic milkshake recipe is transformed into a flavorful, chilly concoction with a hint of green and touch of Pure Peppermint Extract. Recipe here>
  • 6 – Shamrock Sugar Cookies: Bring a touch of the Emerald Isle to your home with these dazzling Shamrock Sugar Cookies, decorated with green-tinted icing. Recipe here>


One Response to 6 Easy Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas!

  1. Irish Cream = always good!!! Thanks for posting! I love the ideas and I will have to put my ‘bakers hat’ on and work on some good food, i am used to just putting green food color into beer and call it a day 😉

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