A Mr. Bunny Cake for Easter – 5 Easy Steps!

REPOSTing: Everyone loves the Mr. Bunny Cake. We’ve been making it for the past 2 generations – Mr. Bunny Cake is a staple at our Easter Dessert Table. Growing up, my mom was always whipping up a cake for an occasion. One of our favorites was the beloved Mr. Bunny Cake. Each year we’d have fun reinventing the cake by using different types of candy to give Mr. Bunny his annual makeover. In 5 easy steps you can whip up your own Mr. Bunny Cake – involve the kids and let them use their creativity to give Mr. Bunny an original look.

Mr. Bunny Cake


  • 2 – 9” round cakes (yellow or white)
  • 5 _ cups frosting (vanilla or white)
  • Red food coloring
  • Assortment of candy to decorate (pictured in Mr. Bunny Cake: licorice laces, jelly beans, Hershey’s kiss, chocolate candies)

Instructions – 5 Easy Steps

1. Bake cakes. Allow to cool thoroughly.

Hot Tip: You can bake cakes a day or two before assembling and freeze. Cover each cake with wax paper, store in airtight container and freeze. Remove cakes from freezer just before assembling. Cakes are easier to cut and less crumbly when frozen.

2. Prepare platform for cake. Use a large platter or tray to assemble and serve your cake on. If you don’t have one, make one by covering a large cutting board or sturdy piece of cardboard with tin foil.

3. Cut pieces for bunny cake. Place one 9” cake 2/3 of the way down on your platform – this is the head. Now, you have to cut the 2nd cake to make the ears and bowtie. See Drawing 1: make 2 equal concave cuts across top and bottom of 9” cake, these will be your ears, the remaining middle piece your bowtie.

Hot Tip: Before cutting, use the tines of a fork to outline your cuts. Make sure both “ears” are equal and that your “bowtie”, the piece remaining in the center, is proportionate.

4. Assemble and frost cake. Reserve _ cup frosting in a bowl and color with red food coloring to make pink frosting and set aside. Frost head (whole 9” cake) with frosting. Arrange 2 convex pieces on top of bunny head to create ears and place bowtie under head and frost.

5. Decorate cake. Frost inside of ears with pink frosting, as shown in picture. Use candy to create eyes, nose, whiskers, and to decorate bowtie. Optional: after frosting, cover cake in coconut. We opt not to decorate with coconut since many kids won’t eat it and the kids have to be first in line for the Mr. Bunny Cake!


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  2. We love this too! We hide one jelly bean inside of the cake (it doesn’t melt) and the person who gets the slice with the jelly bean wins a prize!!! HOPPY EASTER!

  3. How Funny! I am working on this right now! I like to cover mine in colored coconut and spread green colored coconut around it and add our eggs and candy! I will send you guys a link later! Great minds think alike! 😉

  4. I make one just like that each Easter but we cover in pink coconut (a little food dye in a plastic bag of pre-shredded coconut) and we use Hostess Snowballs halfs for the cheeks!

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