Ghoulish Ghost Jell-O Dessert Recipe


These FaBOOlous Jell-O Ghost dessert cups are easy and expensive to make, but will WOW guests at your Halloween celebrations!

Ghoulish Ghost Jell-O

(makes 12)


  • 4 boxes orange Jell-O
  • Whipped cream
  • Mini chocolate chips


  • Prepare jello according to package instructions. Pour into clear disposable cups, cover and refrigerate. When ready to serve, pipe a ghost on the top of each cup and use the mini chocolate chips to decorate the face. Note: if not using whipped cream from a can, fill a plastic sandwich bag 1/2 full with whipped cream, snip end of bottom corner off bag, the wider you cut it the larger the diameter of the piping. Starting at the base pipe the cream in a spiral with the base being the widest with each layer getting smaller until you end up with a peak.




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