Sugar FREE Summer Shakes!

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If you’re crazy for creamy chocolate, chai and blended coffee drinks, but are watching your waistline and sugar intake this summer, you may want to give these COOL shake recipes a try!

5 Sparrows® is the first-to-market line of cocoa, chai and cafe mixes that are 100% naturally sweetened with Stevia.  The carefully handcrafted mixes come in Sugar Free White Chocolate, Sugar Free Chocolate, Sugar Free Monumental Spiced Chai and Sugar Free Vanilla Frappe. They contain absolutely zero sugar, but NO artificial sweeteners. Stevia has been used in Europe for over a century and it’s a natural, low calorie alternative to sugar and synthetic sweeteners.   5 Sparrows mixes are delicious with milk, water or blended into smoothies or shakes. The mixes are sold in 10oz bags online at



  • 3 oz room temperature coffee
  • 8 oz cup of ice
  • 3 Tblsp Sugar Free Vanilla Frappe Mix from 5 Sparrows

Add to blender and mix it up.

Makes an 8 oz coffee shake.

Courtesy of 5 Sparrows (



  • 4 Tblsp Sugar Free Monumental Spiced Chai from 5 Sparrows
  • 2 Tblsp boiling water and mix well until dissolved.
  •  8 oz (1 cup) club soda.

Add all ingredients to a 16 oz glass and stir well.  Add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream.

Makes 1 shake.


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