Beer Can Chicken Recipe – Friday Night Bites

It’s time for Friday Night Bites, so let’s kick the weekend off with a smile!  Here’s Elizabeth…

Prior to last weekend, I never thought of serious food (meaning non-desserts) as particularly funny. However, when I first saw this cute chicken couple – yes, they remind me of a little old “Ma” and “Pa” – they tickled my funny bone. What can I say…

Anyway, our dear friends Sue and JD have always been the best and most entertaining hosts – they are a fabulous tag team. This past weekend they treated our family to a spectacular day by the pool and a grilled feast featuring Beer Can Chickens. Everything was delicious and the best part was they did all the prep work ahead of time so they could spend time with us and not in the kitchen.

This was the first time I had Beer Can Chicken, oh so deliciously moist and flavorful, we all went crazy for it – even the kids. Thanks to my dear friends, Sue & JD, for sharing their recipe, I had to share it as I love sharing new discoveries that make for simple and special entertaining – this is a winner!

Beer Can Chicken Recipe

serves 8


  • 2 – 2.5 to 3 lb. whole chickens (for slightly larger chickens adjust cooking time accordingly)
  • olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • rosemary
  • 2 cans of beer


  1. Preheat grill on low.
  2. Clean chickens (make sure to remove giblets from cavity before rinsing inside and out with water) and pat them dry.
  3. Rub chickens inside and out with olive oil, followed by kosher salt and rosemary.
  4. Pour out 50% of beer in each can (reserve for your consumption or another use). Place cavity of chicken over can and use legs as a tripod to keep it standing, repeat with other chicken
  5. Note: check your local “home” store to buy a “stand” for the chicken, as pictured above, just follow directions on the package.
  6. Transfer Beer Can Chickens to the grill as pictured and cook on low for approximately 90 minutes with the cover down until skin is dark golden brown and crispy and internal temperature reaches 180°. Use a meat thermometer in the inner thigh, just like checking a turkey. When you cut into it the juices should run clear, not pink.



Enjoy and cheers to the weekend!  Friday Night Bites is a weekly food series from the Partybluprints Blog.

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