Jello Sailboat Dessert Idea

Ready to celebrate the beginning of summer?  This dessert is the perfect way set sail on on a new season!

These Jello Sailboats are perfect for summer birthday parties, outdoor BBQs and really any day you want to make little more special. The bonus is they are super simple to make and don’t require a hot oven.  I love how colorful these sweet sailboats are and they look great on a party table.  Plus, who doesn’t love jello, so you can serve it to kids and adults and even those with nut and dairy allergies.

Jello Sailboats

(makes 18)


  • 3 large oranges
  • 1 box jello
  • 18 sail “picks” (Elizabeth found these at Marshall’s and Home Goods)


  1. Cut oranges in half. Juice oranges (refrigerate fresh orange juice and use later to shake up some adult treats – California Margaritas).
  2. Using the tip of a spoon, peel away remaining fruit inside orange and discard, leaving white pith of orange.
  3. Place “orange cup” in cupcake tin. Repeat process with remaining orange halves.
  4. Prepare jello according to directions and pour into orange cups, fill just to top of cup. Do not overfill. Cover and refrigerate for at least 6 hours.
  5. Remove jello filled orange cup from tin and cut into 3 wedges. Insert sail in each, anchor pick in orange peel. Repeat with remaining cups. Place on platter and serve.
  • Note: I purchased the sail party picks, however, I have made these using self-constructed sails. Simply cut sails from colored paper and tape to skewers.



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