Simple Super Bowl Pull Apart Cake

Super Bowl Pull Apart Cake

 Reposting this super idea for a sweet treat for the Big Game!

Super Bowl Pull Apart Cake

The Super Bowl is not just about football – there is also the commercials and the food!  We have the perfect dessert for your Super Bowl viewing party a Pull Apart Cake.  No fork or knife is required and guests can easily help themselves to a halftime treat. Simply pull an exposed edge or corner and serve yourself in seconds. And as difficult as it may look to construct, it’s actually quite simple.  Check out the the steps below and try one out at your home Super Bowl viewing party this year.  In honor of super bowl 50 – use 50 cupcakes to create your cake!

*Note you can easy adjust the size of your cake according the number of guest – this large cake was for a crowd!



  1. Arrange 9 cupcakes across top of serving tray/board (Tip – I used my 20” x 14” wood cutting board covered with aluminum foil.) To minimize the amount of space between cupcakes, stagger a 2nd row of 8 cupcakes by nestling the cupcakes as tightly as you can into the bottom of the first row. Repeat process, until all cupcakes are arranged Note: If your batter leaves you with less than 50 cupcakes, adjust number of cupcakes/row accordingly – the fun thing about this type of cake is you can make it any shape you like.
  2. Using a pastry bag (or a gallon size plastic bag with corner snipped off), outline cake with icing. Fill spaces with icing and then pipe on icing inside outline.
  3.  Using a pastry scraper, start at one end of cake to evenly distribute frosting across top of cake and then smooth it out. If you want an extra smooth finish, use an offset spatula for a final pass. *Tip: keep a tall container of hot water nearby to dip offset spatula for extra smoothness.
  4. Center edible image cake topper on cake. We found this great Super Bowl cake topper at FairymomsEdibles,
  5. Apply final touches to cake by piping frosting around the perimeter of the cake and cake topper.

Pull Apart Cake

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