Easy Do-It-Yourself Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece!

When sit down dinners are not possible, you can still create a pretty tablescape with this easy idea!

Here is a question I get a lot:  “I don’t have a big dining room / I don’t have a dining room table and I need to serve my guests buffet style.  How can I still create a pretty look and use a centerpiece?“.  Well the answer is easy!  Although you won’t be able to play with place settings or decorate in a more traditional way, you can still achieve a stylish look that will feel festive.  Decorate the area where you will set out and serve your food – I call these the buffet stations.  The image above illustrates a simple but special way for you to decorate them.

All you need is a pretty pitcher, some pussy willow branches or twigs from your yard and a few colorful hanging egg ornaments (you can string your own too). Add greens and a daffodil or two if you have them to make the arrangement fuller if that is your preference.  Then make up a few pitchers and display them at your buffet stations. It won’t cost a lot and it will create a feel festive. The branches are perfect because they don’t take up a lot of space and give necessary height to your buffet.  The colored eggs add a punch of color, but make sure to go monochromatic for smaller arrangements –  it has more impact. Finally, remember all that gorgeous food you are making? Let it be the star!




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