Easy Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece Idea!

Create a pretty tablescape with this easy Easter egg tree centerpiece!

This is one of those ideas that’s an “oldie but goodie”.  I love to make my Egg Tree Centerpiece look a bit different each year.  This year we will have too many guests for a sit down dinner, so I’m using it to decorate the buffet table.  I love that I can place this arrangement in the middle of all the food and it doesn’t take up much space at the base, yet makes a big impact and creates a very festive look!

What you need:

  • A pretty pitcher or vase
  • some pussy willow branches or twigs from your yard (you can spray paint these white if you like)
  • few colorful hanging egg ornaments (you can string your own too).
  • Greens and a daffodil or two if you have them to make the arrangement fuller if that is your preference.


Simply arrange the branches in your container and hang the Easter Egg ornaments.  Make sure your container is stable and won’t tip over with the height and weight of the branches.

Make up a few arrangements and display them at your buffet or Easter table.  It doesn’t cost a lot to create this  festive look.  The branches are perfect for a centerpiece – they are free, don’t take up a lot of space, and give height to your table or buffet.  Easter egg ornaments add a pretty punch of color, but make sure to go monochromatic for smaller arrangements –  it has more impact.


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