Easy Spring Centerpiece Idea

Not much screams SPRING like TULIPS!  For a simple, special and inexpensive CENTERPIECE, try this idea.  Take a dozen tulips and break them into bunches of 2 – 3 (depending on the size of the glass).  Use what you have, wine glasses, milk bottles or tall ice tea glasses work perfectly. If the mouth of your container is too wide to hold the flowers straight, tie them together with pretty yarn or rope to keep them from tipping over.   For more impact on larger tables, add more flowers to each bunch and then arrange them down the length of the table in a straight line.  The bottom image above from HostessWithTheMostess.comillustrates this perfectly, check out the site to view the full party – it’s gorgeous. When selecting the tulips, go monochromatic for small arrangements and try two-tone for larger ones.  Whether you are hosting the LADIES FOR LUNCH, a SPRING BRUNCH or a BABY SHOWER, try this spring-inspired look that will stretch your dollar.  It’s just that simple folks!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Tulips, thanks for the wine glass idea. I think I will do that to brighten up my home

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