Fourth of July Table

Fourth of July is a holiday that calls for some fanfare. Be festive and frugal at the same time with these tips for adding some red, white and blue to your table.  Color is what gives a table its vibe.  For the Fourth of July go Americana and pick patriotic colors.  Apart from the obvious choices of going red and/or blue with your tablecloth and napkins add a few touches that will show guests you put some thought and effort into creating a table to share time together.   

Berries are in season and are the perfect color for the Forth of July.   Use them as centerpieces and when all your guests have arrived, put out dip and let guests dig in! This is a fabulous way to stretch your dollar.   Bowls of strawberries or cherries add a great punch of red to your table.  If yours is rectangular, line 3 or 4 bowls down the center.  For round tables, one large bowl in the center looks pretty.    If you don’t want to go monochromatic use mixed berries, the red and blue tones are very patriotic.

Flowers always make a table feel special, so take care to choose them in the holiday colors.  Daisies, tulips, hydrangea and carnations are all either in season or inexpensive year round.  When using a flower like these, pick one and go monochromatic. Daisies and Carnations don’t look as rich in a mixed arrangement as they do in a bunch.  Create an arrangement with daisies by filling a big patriotic bucket or pitcher.  A great way to use carnations is to create several small arrangements and put them out in groupings, this has a bigger impact.    If you love mixed arrangements and want to create one with red, white and blue flowers, make up several and keep them small. Add greens to these arrangements, it keeps them looking natural.    Another really simple way to add a festive feel to your party is to stick flags in potted red geraniums.  A couple of these in your yard will really stand out and you can enjoy the flowers all summer.

Whether you do it on a large or small scale, take some time and add the red, white and blue to your celebration.  It will signal to your guest that you are treating the holiday and them to something special!

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  1. What a yummy board!! Why didn’t I see any of these photos when I made my 4th of July wedding food board?! YUMMY!

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