Moll Anderson’s #SeductiveTables For Two!

With Valentine’s Day just days away, Moll Anderson’s Seductive Tables For Two is a must read and a great gift idea!

This beautiful book gives you a road map to rediscovering each other and romance at the table.  It’s easier than you think, because Moll provides all the decadent details for the tabletop with her five must-haves: Color, Fabric, Flowers, Lighting and Music. Plus, Moll takes you beyond the table and into the kitchen with some delicious and tempting recipes for two. Once you have read through its pages, you will realize that Seductive Tables For Two is meant to inspire romance in your life and help keep it burning strong all year long.

Today we wanted to share two simple, budget friendly ideas for Valentine’s Day, using Moll’s must haves: Flowers and Music.

  • Flowers – We selected roses and tulips in two different shades of purple from our local flower shop (you can shop your supermarket floral department too) to add a special touch and pop of color to the table. We loved pairing the passion-filled and beautiful rose and the fun and flirty tulip to symbolize two different sides of every romance.
  • Music – Music is essential to the mood of any party – especially a party for two. Create a musical love letter to your mate to enhance your special evening. Compile a music mix of your loved ones’ favorite songs – make sure to include some songs containing your love letter “messaging” in the lyrics. Present the love letter CD as a gift and enjoy listening to it all night long. Later, upload it to your tech and relive the romance every time you listen to it.  to get you started we have compiled 50+ love songs for you! Love Song Music List Here>

 To learn more or purchase Seductive Tables For Two – GO>

Seductive Tables For Two goes beyond the table and provides a road map for rediscovering romance again!  It makes a gorgeous and meaningful gift.



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