Quick Tip for Decorating An Easter Buffet Table

This goes out to my sister Donna’s friend Dina from Cedar Grove, NJ. Like many families, Dina hosts a crowd for the Holidays. Sit down dinners are not possible, but creating a pretty tablescape still is – you just need to alter the plan.

The image above illustrates a simple but special way for you to decorate your buffet table. All you need is a pretty pitcher, some pussy willow branches or twigs from your yard and a few colorful hanging egg ornaments (you can string your own too). Add greens and a daffodil or two if you have them to make the arrangement fuller if that is your preference.  Then make up a few pitchers and place them anywhere you have set out your buffet stations. It won’t cost a lot and it will make the table feel festive. The branches give necessary height to your buffet and the eggs will add a punch of color! Plus remember all that gorgeous food, let it be the star!

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  1. Marco says:

    I love this idea. It uses one of my favorite spring branches, pussy willows.
    Now I just have to find pussy willow branches.
    Happy Easter to all, Sunshine

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