Thanksgiving Harvest Looks For Your Table

From Elizabeth:  Here’s a sneak peek at my Thanksgiving Day preparations – hosting my beautiful family of 20 and thrilled that I’ll have 4 very special guests who will be joining our annual celebration for the first time. Our family is blessed and doubly blessed with a new generation of young ones. We are happy to be featuring a promising new artist at our Art Auction this year. It’s exciting to know we will be creating fun memories that all will cherish, but especially the children!

Thanksgiving – time honored tradition of celebrating a successful harvest. Decorate your home with the sights and smells of harvest season. Autumnal colors, pumpkin, cranberry, and sage – I love choosing colors from nature’s bounty as the basis for decorating the Thanksgiving table. Go one step further and put the bounty from your harvest front and center and make your feast decorative as well as delicious.

  1. Bread Cornucopia with crudite (dip and/or hummus) – this festive appetizer welcomes my guest every year (this is my labor of love for my son, it’s his one request on Thanksgiving). I use aluminum foil a cone, stuff it with aluminum foil or wax paper, spray with non-stick spray and wrap with refrigerator breadsticks (this one took four cans). Just finished baking it, after it cools I will cover it and stick it in the freezer. Thanksgiving morning, I’ll take it out of freezer, remove form and fill with an assortment of veggies in all different colors. Ranch dip and hummus will be served on the side.
  2. Place Setting & Favor all in one – I found these beautiful gilded leaf ornaments in Home Goods and thought they were perfect for my Thanksgiving Table. They double as a beautiful favor and napkin ring while adding big pops of color to your table.
  3. Edible Harvest Centerpiece – create a runner of fresh harvest down the center of your Thanksgiving table. There’s beauty in simplicity – use any combination of fresh produce (pears, small apples, clementines, grapes, plums, etc.) to create a modern Thanksgiving centerpiece – edible art!

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