Activities for your Memorial Day Celebration!

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Welcome Activity: Have guests pick the name of a Historic American out of a hat. While enjoying a beverage, all guests will mingle asking the other guests yes/no questions to identify their person. When you serve dessert, have guests write down the name of their American next to their name.

Ongoing Activity:
Cover the kids’ tables (or activity table) with white butcher paper. Create kids’ centerpieces using galvanized buckets filled with crayons, markers and stickers. Put out other fun craft supplies along with red, white and blue construction paper. Ask everyone, even the adults to write a letter or make a card for a soldier. The following day pack up the letters and cards in a large envelope and send overseas. Here are some tips on how to send: Go>


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Post Dinner/Dessert Activity: Chances are, the kids will be finished with dinner and dessert long before the adults. When the kids start getting restless or need to release some “sugar” energy from dessert, organize a parade. Play some patriotic music, give the kids pinwheels, flags and some instruments (drums, kazoos, and bells) and send them marching. Who doesn’t love a parade! Sparklers are also great fun when it gets dark – but be safe!

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