Let the Sun Shine Part I: Brighten Up your Outdoor Space with Yellow Flowers

Post from Elizabeth – Why Yellow Has Always Been the Hot Flower Color in My Book – it’s also the Hot Flower Color for 2010. (Take a look at the image and note how you feel after looking at it)

One of my favorite annual “chores” is planting my container garden every May.  My friends make fun of me and refuse to come to the nursery with me because they’ve spent many an hour walking and waiting while I debate which plants will make it to my yard.  Needless to say over the years this trip has become a sole expedition.  My mom is the only one who will tolerate this adventure.  Please note, I’m cut from the same cloth as she is, she’s busy milling around trying to make her final selections, and she doesn’t realize how long I’m taking!

You may wonder how on earth it could take so long to pick out flowering plants?  Well, this is a completely different task than buying cut flowers, which typically last anywhere from 3-7 days.  If you make a bad choice, you simply throw them out when they die and make a different choice next time.  The flowering plants and shrubs you plant in your yard or containers are a commitment. I always want to make sure I love my flowering plants, as I will watch them throughout the summer grow and flourish.  My backyard is my sanctuary in the spring and summer and I get great joy from being surrounded by nature, especially the “nature” I have cultivated.

Yellow has always been my canvas (fyi: it’s the hot flower color for 2010).  I already have yellow flowering shrubs (Potentilla, St. John’s Wort and some delicate yellow flowering succulents) in my backyard beds.  Each blooms at a different time in the season so I always have bright yellow sunshine lighting up my backyard.  I love aimlessly gazing from the kitchen window only to have those cheery yellow blossoms catch my eye – makes me smile every time!  I know I love yellow flowers and how they make me feel.  There are so many great yellow flowers to choose from, here are some suggestions:

  1. Black-eyed Susan;
  2. Daisy;
  3. Sunflower;
  4. Zinnia;
  5. Gerbera Daisy;
  6. Rose;
  7. Marigold;
  8. Daylily;
  9. Poppy;
  10. Cornflower; and
  11. Iris.

What are some of your favorite yellow flowers?

While containers of yellow flowers provide a burst of sunshine, I also love throwing in some complementary colored flowers for a pop of color.  Yellow seems to flatter every color flower, herb and vegetable I’ve planted it.  I love the freedom you have to create when using yellow as your main color.

Here are some of my favorite yellow color combos:

  1. Deep purple (violet) and yellow – think how fabulous that combination is in a viola or violet;
  2. Blue (all shades: cornflower – indigo) and yellow – absolutely stunning;
  3. Orange and yellow – gives depth and richness to your “sunshine”;
  4. Red, deep purple and yellow – one of my favorite container garden combinations;
  5. Yellow straight up – yellow daisies en masse (Dawn’s favorite), I planted them for her in my sanctuary garden last year and will again this year, they are so cheery!
  6. Yellow and white – so fun and fresh; and
  7. Yellow and green – plant some yellow flowers in your container alongside vegetables or herbs, or with some green leafy plants.

As you can see, yellow flowers make all the flower colors of the rainbow/nature really pop.

One more reason I love yellow flowers: regardless of the size of your yard or lack of a yard, you can always find a spot to place a pot of yellow flowers (front step, window boxes, terrace, back steps) – just a little goes a long way to brightening up your space.

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Photo Credits (starting with main picture and moving clockwise): Darren Carroll, www.mccullagh.org, home.howstuffworks.com, naturehills.com, Flickr: flickr.com/photos/ hypergurl/1270061255/, suite101.com, gardentenders.com, enviro-explorers.com

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