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It’s that time of year again! Oscar Night is fast approaching as the 81st Annual Academy Awards is set for Sunday, February 22nd at 8PM EST on ABC. To keep on top of breaking news, see the list of nominees and take a look back at retro red carpet looks go to Oscar.com

Whether you’re hosting a group this year or just hanging out with the family take a look at our tips for an Academy Awards Party! Make the night special, take advantage of the free entertainment and treat yourself to a fun evening and just like Oscar these tips are eco-friendy.

  • Ask your guests to be in the spirit and wear at least one “blingy” item (jewelry, shoes, belt, shirt, handbag, etc.)

  • Create a unique eco-friendly Red Carpet and make your guests feel glamorous. “Recycle” the Valentine’s Day roses that are starting to loose their luster. Remove the heads from the red roses, gently separate petals and sprinkle outside your entrance door.


  • Create a Paparazzi Memory. As guests enter your home, trade them their coats for a glass of bubbly. Snap each guest’s picture at the door. Instead of printing the pictures for your guests, load them up on facebook or your blog. Send out a note the very next morning to your guests inviting them to enjoy the pictures and join in on the “Morning After Recap”. Your exchange will be a lot more engaging than Joan & Melissa’s.
  • Print out Oscar ballots for each guest. In advance of the awards show, have guests complete their ballot. Keep a tally to determine who was right on the money with the winners. To print out your ballot go> .
  • Be conscious of your tablescape – you can be both elegant and eco-friendly. Mix and match your own plates, glasses and flatware (if you want to go all out, pull out the good stuff) or Glam up Recycled Paper Products by putting the emphasis on the container they are displayed in. Use fancy gold baskets, bowls or dishes to house napkins, plates and cups. Bambu All Occasion Veneerware is one of our favorite alternatives to “real dishes” or disposable, www.greenfeet.com.
  • Bring some lush luxury into your home and tablescape with fresh flowers. A multitude of small arrangements make an impact. Organic Bouquet.com delivers a quality and eco-friendly product.
  • Treat your guests to a selection of divine organic California Wine ( see picks at partybluprints.com)
  • Make your guests feel like stars by serving fancy but easy to eat food throughout the night. Create rotating dining stations – we call them “bars”. Since the party is a 3-4 hour viewing party, this strategy will keep your guests circulating and content.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Seafood Bar
– Cocktail hour just got classier with Main Lobster Claws, Shrimp and Snow Crab Cocktail Claws. These delicacies taste that much more “special” with a glass (or two) of bubbly! Looking to make things real easy? Order online and have it delivered right to your front door, we recommend Lobster gram – great quality and freshness. (http://www.livelob.com/)
FYI: eating less meat is green. According to a 2006 United Nations report, the livestock
business is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing even more to global
warming than transportation.


2. Decadent Gilded Baked Potato Bar
– Yukon Gold Baked Potatoes wrapped in gold foil. As your own tribute to the “Little Gold Man”, prepare your own “Golden Potato Bar with all the fixings. Elaborately display the gilded baked potatoes by piling them high in an fancy pedestal dish or container. Surround the base with a plethora of chichi toppings (pancetta, caviar, crème fraiche, crumbled fresh goat cheese, roasted baby veggies, fresh herbs, etc.) To buy foil: http://www.wilton.com


Photo Source:

3. Decked Out Cupcake Bar
– after watching all the decked out “cupcakes” glide down the red carpet, have some of your own! Create a tiered display of Glittering Cupcakes. Jazz up regular vanilla cupcakes by topping with gold sprinkles or edible gold. Not only does this make for a dazzling display, but your guests will feel like true stars dining on gold!

  • Sustain your guests during the final stretch. Break out some munchies for noshing when everyone is starting to feel like the show has gone on a little too long. Gourmet popcorn, spicy nuts, organic cheese plate with fruit – you get the idea. Provide guests with their own individual bowls/plates to fill up and enjoy nibbling.
  • Make sure you have enough seating for that point in the evening when the show is getting a little long. Lay out some faux fur blankets and luxurious throws for an added touch of elegance.
  • Treat your guests to a fun favor. Any true Hollywood event is not without the swag bag – a great bag filled with lots of goodies. If you are having the ladies over, fill it with sample size beauty products or for a mixed crowd create a bag with small gourmet goodies for the next day. Use small recycled paper gift bags and have fun filling them – your guests will enjoy discovering its contents. Life is Good Snuggle Socks are a great idea and guest may want to break them out and use them as the evening comes to an end and they kick off the fancy shoes and find a comfy spot. Lifeisgood.com

FYI: In past years, Oscar presenters and performers received terrapass.com carbon
offsets in place of swag bags. You can buy gift certificates for carbon offsets at


Last, but not least – drum roll please…
“And the Oscar goes to…
Cheers to you for making your guests feel like the stars of the evening!

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