How To Create A Party Photo Booth


Want to incorporate the fun of a photo booth without the constraints and expense of a traditional photo booth?

Here’s our answer and it’s so easy to do: A DIY Outdoor Photo Booth!  It’s easy to create party fun and memories that will last forever.


How To Instructions:

1.    Search your basement, your mom’s basement or local tag sale for two frames. Hunt for two differently shaped or styled frames – consider large mirrors, framed photo collage frames, large framed prints, etc.

2.    Once you think you have two good options, place the frames face down, remove backing and everything in the frame. Have someone hold the frame in front them so you can confirm it’s a good fit. If you want to change the color of the frame(s), simply spray paint the frame(s). Spray paint is available in a variety of fun colors and metallics at your local craft or hardware store.

3.    We used a 19” x 27” oval mirror with a gilded frame (we removed the mirror) and a 16” x 20” photo collage frame (we removed the mat and the glass and then spray painted the green and gold frame with silver spray paint.) Love that we salvaged them from my mom’s basement and recycled them.

4.    Locate a tree in your yard with a sturdy branch. Using fishing line, hang the frames at different heights to give your “photo booth” scene interest. We hung the larger oval frame sideways so two people could fit in the frame and then hung the silver rectangular frame slightly higher for a single portrait (my brother and his family were in charge of the hanging and they got it just right!)

Note: Be sure to have someone test the height while you are hanging the frames to make sure they aren’t hung too high. You can always bend down to put your face in the frame, but if it’s too high you’re going to have a problem.

5.    Place a basket of photo booth props/dress up items for guests to choose from before stepping into the photo booth.

We ordered The Graduation Party Photo Booth Props – 8 piece set from TheManicMoose on Etsy.

6.    The majority of our guests had smartphones on them, so there was always someone around to snap a picture and then share it.

Note: we set up our photo booth off to the side of the yard – it provided an unexpected area of interest that most were drawn to at their leisure throughout the party.

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  1. Photobooth always provides lots of fun and enjoyment. The way you have explained how to create a party photobooth is really commendable. I am planning to have photobooth activities in my next party for sure.

  2. Use a light fishing line to hang the frames. This type of line is practically invisible and makes the frames really look like they are floating.

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