Gold Icing for Oscar!

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It’s all gold this weekend as the “Little Gold Man” takes center stage this Sunday for the 82nd Academy Awards.  If you’re hosting friends, we have a star studded party plan that won’t have you spending like one (view tips)! …So all this gold got us thinking about great ways to use it in your menu. Ever wonder how to make gold icing?  We found the trick and it’s Luster Dust.  It’s what professional pastry chefs and bakers use and it’s available on

Pictured below is a great recipe by Sarah Magid, that you can make at home.  The recipe is available in her book the pastry chef’s book ($19).  Be sure to check out her “Thoughts and Ideas” Blog .



2 Responses to Gold Icing for Oscar!

  1. Dawn says:

    Hi Sarah!
    hope this helps . . . Luster Dust may be used to create a lustrous sheen on cookies, cakes, cupcakes and chocolate. Brush on dry for a subtle sheen, or make intense paint by mixing with lemon extract, clear vanilla or vodka. Do NOT use water. For easy application, check out these instructions from Wilton: Practice first.

  2. sarah madden says:

    I found the luster stuff you put a link on (thank you for that!) but i just wanted to ask how to add that to the icing. it seems that this kind of stuff is meant more to be brushed on like a paint, but i want it exactly like the cupcake above. I will be injecting it in the middle of the cupcake. I am going to keep searching but was just curious.


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