Interview with Eliminated “Project Runway” Designer April Johnston – Lifetime Moms special post

Wow, I just interviewed April Johnston, age 22, from Project Runway, Season 8 and she is incredible. Not only is she the youngest designer this season, but she also made it all the way to the final five. Unfortunately, April was eliminated last evening in Episode 12, We’re in a New York State of Mind missing the chance to create a collection to be shown during fashion week. April, a recent grad from SCAD who resides in the state of Georgia, had Zac Posen as a lab mentor and calls Christian Soriano as one of her favorite winning designers from Project Runway, Season 4. By the way, Soriano was the guest judge last evening. Johnston was inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge for her creation for this episode and presented a black gown on the runway. Although she fell short in the eyes of the judges, she had some winning looks this season. Here is what April shared with me…..

Q. It has been noted that you draw inspiration from the decayed beauty of abandoned asylums and morgues. Do you think your looks were too dark for the runway and contributed to your exit?

A. Johnston: “No, I think everyone had there thing, all different aesthetics and I believe it was the end of my storyline and that I am gone for different reasons. I was just not as much of a character. I was part of the best in episodes 10 and 11 and feel it was abrupt for the judges to eliminate me after being on the top. I went out with a design I loved and was me.”

Q. Nina Garcia stated last evening that she was uncertain about your ability to have range in your designs and Michael Kors felt there was no joy in your clothes. What do you think about that?

A.  Johnston: “I think I just kept wanting it more and more and became more motivated. I delivered and escalated to the top. My aesthetic is staying true to myself and over the six weeks it started to become a collection.”

Q. Which of your designs was your favorite?

A. Johnston: “ I like everything I produced especially my winning design in Episode 7, but would probably pick my final piece from Episode 12 because it was very avante garde and very me.”

Q. Who would you like to see win?

A. Johnston: “ Mondo!”

Q: So, what are you doing now and are you back home?

A. Johnston: “I am working on my own line and trying to brand myself. I am just starting out and building clientele and trying to gain exposure.”

Q: How do you envision the Marie Claire woman?

A. Johnston: “I think the Marie Claire woman is changing and becoming more fashion forward, she is edgy, a young girl. She is a huge range of women right now. The cover this month features Victoria Beckham with a garter belt and features younger, newer, hot looks.”

Frankly, I truly cannot wait to see what this young, innovative designer has in  store for us next.

By Missy  Ferraro for The Partybluprints Blog

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  2. Awesome interview. I liked her as well but I do think Michael was right she needs to lighten the mood!

    Great job

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