Madison’s Holiday Favorites!


The Holidays bring some of a girl’s favorite things, like Starbucks’ specialty drinks and new sweaters and boots. Here are my picks for the most popular items of the season.

Booties (shoes) – Booties are my personal favorite shoe to style this season. Booties are prefect with ripped jeans or even ripped shorts if the weather is still on the warmer side depending on where you live. I purchased my shoes in the picture below at Roxy.  They are perfect for casual or more formal holiday parties.


Candles – Candles are a great way to get in the holiday spirit. There are so many amazing candles, especially at bath and body works. My favorite candles this season, however, have been from a company called Surf’s Up. Their main store is located at a shop in Belmar, New Jersey, (on Main Street), and they are also available in several local boutiques nationwide. These candles smell amazing and I recommend purchasing any one of their scents. The candles are also priced very reasonably and serve as the perfect gift for a friend this holiday.  The Avocado & Cilantro is my current obsession.


Velvet Bow Tie Necklaces – Velvet bow tie necklaces are something that have increasingly become popular by where I live. They are very casual, cute necklaces and can be styled in several different ways, which make it easier to wear. They range at low prices depending on wear you buy them. Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite places to shop online, sells them for around $6. The are the perfect festive touch for the holiday.


Jean Skirts – Jean skirts have made a another comeback! Not only has everyone been wearing them, but they look cuter then ever. These skirts are easy to pair with your favorite warm sweater or top. Not only do riding boots look amazing with this style skirt, they also look fabulous with Stan Smith’s by Adidas (which called out on my spring picks post.) Here’s a link to a site that sells the trendiest jean skirts of the season!



Madison Leigh loves family, the beach, and running.  She has a special eye for Teen Trends and we are proud to present her REAL GIRL picks here on The Party Bluprints Blog.

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