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Although it’s “technically” not your husband’s responsibility to make your day on Mother’s Day, because you’re not his mother…this duty falls to him as the children need an adult to lead the charge. As many of you may or may not agree, some Dads are not natural born mind readers or “sensitive” as to what a mother needs or wants on her special day. I believe all fathers are truly in awe of the woman who gave birth to his child(ren) and whose dedication and love of mothering is endless. Although he feels this, sometimes the expression falls short and the last minute reservations at the local diner or box of doughnuts for breakfast falls short of the tribute a mother deserves.

In the best interest of your husband and yourself, don’t place this huge responsibility on his shoulders. Set him up for success and save yourself from disappointment. There’s nothing wrong with sharing with your man some direction on how you would like to be treated like a Queen on Mother’s Day, and, yes, he may need a detailed plan. Of course, if you plan it yourself, that takes a bit of pleasure out of the day.

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So on this Mother’s Day, is giving all Mothers a gift, a game plan to pass on to Dad – all he needs to do is follow the step-by-step guide for a day fit for a Queen. He’ll feel great about treating you to a day you truly deserve and as the Queen Bee, you’ll feel honored. So all you have to do is slip this plan to your man with a not so subtle message that this is what you want for Mother’s Day. Spell it out ladies – men will readily admit that not only aren’t they mind readers, but subtlely is lost on them – just tell them what you want, we’re here to help you. Simply download our FREE Eguide and give it to good old Dad. Trust us, what man doesn’t appreciate executing a plan.

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