NEW International Delight Iced Coffee and Spa Day Event

Photos Courtesy of Momtrends

In the beginning of December, Nicole Feliciano of and Audrey McClelland of co-hosted an amazing spa day sponsored by International Delight at one of NYC’s coolest salons, Hair Rules.

We were excited to be among 40 New York city area bloggers attending this special day of  ‘giving and receiving’.  We were treated to manicures, back massages, and hair styling all while getting an exclusive taste of  International Delight’s NEW Iced Coffee.  The event featured the vanilla flavored Iced Coffee, however 2 other flavors will be available in January – Mocha and Original.   All are made with 100% premium Arabica coffee and will cost just $3.99 for a 1/2 gallon.  This is really a delicious, easy (just pour over ice) and inexpensive way to treat yourself and others when you entertain!

“It’s the season of giving, so it’s only natural that for our final event of 2011 we planned an afternoon around this theme,” said Feliciano. “We worked with International Delight to dream up an afternoon of giving back to our community. We started with sharing a new prepared iced coffee from International Delight with more than three dozen mom bloggers. The product hits grocery stores in mid-January, but we were able to treat our moms to a delicious preview and a cool ice luge to serve up the drinks.”

In addition to the beauty treatments and iced coffee the moms enjoyed professional gift wrapping lessons. And in the spirit of the season, the attendees also brought toys for Toys for Tots and the United States Marines dropped by to pick up the collection.

“We were thrilled to be able to send off these precious gifts to families truly in need,” Feliecino said. “It was the perfect reminder of what this season is really all about.”

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I am a coffee addict! I can’t start my day without it and hit the pot again mid-day for more.  It’s so nice to have an alternative in the afternoon, for warmer weather and for parties.  I just loved the ice luge, pictured above.  It’s really a fabulous idea for large events and weddings. Can you imagine how cool the PTO coffee could be?

International Delights Iced Drink is almost here!





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  1. At least you’re not drinking the Dew anymore! But I will say: my nutritionist hammered it into me that the fake sugars in diet/ low sugar soft drinks can affect your blood sugar and hunger in the same way sugar and corn syrup do. She basically told me that the 100 calories I “saved” by drinking diet coke probably found me making up that deficit with twice as many calories from food later when my blood sugar dropped. She said the only fake sugar that didn’t affect your blood sugar levels in any way that was proven yet was stevia/ truvia. Now, I’ve never had a monster drink so it may well be flavored with that. Oh, and while I highly respect my nutritionist, she tried to claim that ice cream was completely void of nutrition, so let’s just say that some of her “opinions” might just be SUSPECT.

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