Reflective light is the hot theme for the 2010 holiday season. Venice is the ‘City of Light and Water,’ making it a perfect backdrop for holiday celebrations. As light is a common thread in many faiths, it suits all guests and existing holiday decor. A tough economy doesn’t mean you can’t glam it up. Here are 4 tips to add that special sparkle to your celebration:

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1. Dress up existing holiday décor. Introduce several inexpensive basics: candles, glass vases, and gold accents. Candlelight en masse is an inexpensive way to make your home and table radiant. Collect glass cylinder vases, floating candles and gold embellishments you already have to easily and inexpensively decorate for your party. Big Bonus: gold is the perfect embellishment to existing holiday decorations – it complements all holiday color schemes. This simple combination of candlelight and gold will make everything shine, including your guests.

For more ideas on using gold decor for your holiday party go>

2. Infuse festivity into your party by featuring a signature cocktail. The Bellini, Venice’s “signature” cocktail, will immediately make your guests feel special and festive. They don’t have to know how much time, money and effort you saved by serving a signature cocktail in lieu of setting up a full bar. Also, this spirited cocktail feels like you’re drinking extravagant champagne while its base is Prosecco, Italy’s sparkling wine sold at a much lower price point than Champagne – same effect less money.

Our recipe for the Bellini:

  • 1 oz white peach puree
  • 4 oz of prosecco

The white peach puree we featured on Good Day NY is our pick for a great Bellini and came from the Perfect Puree. You can order online.

3. Share your holiday cheer with a crowd. Plan a buffet instead of a sit-down dinner. Offer a variety of menu items that hold up well on a buffet and can be eaten cocktail-style. In keeping with the Venetian spirit, serve Venetian-inspired Cicchetti, Venice’s version of tapas. Choose items that are satisfying yet affordable (e.g., Rice Balls, Rialto Baked Polenta), which can be prepared and displayed before guests arrive.

The rice balls we featured on Good Day NY are our favorite and come from Gino’s Restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

4. Deck out your dessert buffet. There’s nothing more glamorous at a holiday party than an indulgent selection of treats displayed amidst golden floating candlelight. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy-out the bakery in order to create this effect. Select several special desserts and serve them in “taste-size” portions. Dressed up fancy Italian cookies, such as Rainbow Cookies, make a splash and are already cut in bite-sized portions – cookies are always a popular item. Remember, your guests will only sample desserts, so plan accordingly – a small decadent cake that feeds 8-10 will serve 20-25 when served in this manner. Select a few specialty cakes and fill in with a variety of cookies or other treats.

The festive Rainbow Cookies we featured on Good Day NY came from Venieros in NYC . You can have delicious desserts from Venieros delivered to your door by ordering online here>

Throughout planning and hosting your party, remember your inspiration, reflective light – and remember to let your light shine as host! Follow our tips and make your guests sparkle from the inside out as you treat them to a special experience, making them feel so very good, and, oh, so special. Is there any better gift you can give this holiday season?

Many Warm Wishes for a Sparkling Holiday Season filled with Cheer,

Elizabeth & Dawn

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