Project Runway (It’s a Party): Interview with Sarah Trost

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Last Thursday I tuned into My Lifetime for the 3rd episode of Project Runway’s season 8 ( if you missed it or any others you can view them on My Lifetime).   The episode dubbed “It’s a Party” could not have been more perfect for a Partybluprints Blog post. In this episode, the challenge was to design an outfit using party store supplies and let me tell you most of the designs were spectacular.  Can you imagine a dress made entirely from party ribbon or party napkins?  I could not either but on the runway these beauties even gave Tim Gunn the chills!  Speaking of Tim Gunn, he was absolutely adorable in this episode and his giggle fest with the cast members in the work room had Twitter buzzing!  Also adding drama and glam to the episode was guest judge, fashion designer, the amazing Betsey Johnson.  See the interview with Sarah Trost and more on Project Runway at

“Project Runway” Season 8 Episode 3 (It’s a Party)

Missy Ferraro interviewed Sarah Trost for The Partybluprints Blog.  Her interview follows..

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Sarah Trost from Project Runway, Season 8. Sarah, age 27 who is a noted costume designer in California, was eliminated on episode 3, “It’s a Party” where she was inspired to make a palm tree dress with supplies from a party store. I discovered that Sarah started her career creating doll clothes at a very young age  and then a Halloween costume at the age of 10. During, Sarah’s casting session for Project Runway where the designers bring samples for the judges to view, she revealed that she ” loved hideous things” and has an affinity for clothes that are “vintage inspired, fun, flattering, yet comfortable for the people who wear them”.  Although she left the judges “confused” by her designs that day, three weeks later Sarah received the call confirming her place as a designer on the show for season 8. She was very surprised and actually thought it was a joke.

I mentioned during my interview that we were monitoring twitter during the show Thursday evening and that 90% of the conversation generated was about Tim Gunn and the “wooly balls” and discontent for Gretchen. Sarah shared that Tim’s laughter in the workroom was definitely a funny moment for everyone and she did not seem very surprised about the feelings toward Gretchen. Here is what else I discovered about Sarah in my interview on Friday…..

Q~Do you think your grounded, even tempered nature is what contributed to your departure in episode 3? In other words , you did not create enough drama.

Trost: “Absolutely!!! I had to stay true to myself and would not do what was necessary….” She also claimed she was done and wanted to get home and get back to her life. She was exhausted and hadn’t eaten..

Q~Which of the 3 challenges that you participated in, was your favorite and captured the true essence of Sarah Trost?

Trost: “…Episode 1? And Sew it Begins….khaki short jumpsuit

Q~In your opinion, who would you like to see win season 8?

Trost: “In my opinion, Andy!”

Q~Was there much backstabbing and/or design stealing?

Trost: “That definitely starts to happen, the dynamic changes and little groups form.”

Q~Where are you now in the season?

Trost: ” They just finished shooting except for the finale.”

Q~Michelle  Trevino a Chicago Blogger wants to know if you could have done more with the materials if given more time?

Trost: “No, I was finished and was exhausted and just wanted to go home!”

Q~How do you, Sarah Trost, envision the Marie Claire woman?

Trost: “I don’t really envision her at all because that is not my magazine….I like Vice and Esquire”.

Q~How do you think the format of the show( 60 min vs. 90 min) impacts the show? How much taping is truly done? How much down time?

Trost: “I think the 90 minute format causes the producers to push the designers harder than ever. A full day challenge is truly a full day. Downtime is when you sleep. Everyone is pretty run down from the very long hours. It is very intense.” However, it should be noted here that Lifetime states the same amount of taping is done regardless of the length of the episode, just more is shown.  Looks like the viewers are the winners here!


Great interview, gracious person….just wish we could see more of Sarah  Trost on Project Runway!

- MISSY FERRARO Interview August 13, 2010


I had so much fun watching this episode, I thought it would make a great viewing party.  Invite over your favorite fashionistas on Thursday nights to watch this group of talented designers mix it up on and off the runway.

Here are a few ideas for adding some fashion-inspired fun to the evening:

  • Have each guest bring something from their wardrobe (clothes, bag or accessories) that is runway worthy, but they just don’t wear anymore.  When everyone arrives hang or set out the items and let guests swap.  It’s a fantastic and free way to boost your own wardrobe.
  • Serve up this take on one of Heidi Klum’s favorite Cocktails: Wicked Apple Punch.  Punch is perfect for parties because you can mix up a pitcher for the ladies before they arrive!  Combine all ingredients below in a punch bowl with ice and stir.  Garnish with large slices of red apple floating on top.

Wicked  Apple Punch

-1  750 ml bottle SKYY Infusions Passion Fruit

-1  750 ml bottle Sparkling Apple Cider

-1  64 oz. bottle Cranberry Juice Cocktail

- 1 Liter Ginger Ale

- 2 cups Pineapple Juice

- Red Apple Slices

  • Gift the girls a little take home favor.  An emergency fashion kit is a great idea.  Here is one that is perfect!


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