Stop Zombie Mouth Twitter Party with Popcap and The ADA

It’s Trick or Tweet time of year again, so please join us for an online Halloween Celebration!  We’ve teamed up with PopCap – the coolest online games for kids and the American Dental Association to help STOP ZOMBIE MOUTH!

We have fun tips for spooktacular alternatives to sugary treats and we want to hear your ideas too!  To get started check out, the ADA’s and connect on Plant vs. Zombies Facebook Fan page here>

The Stop Zombie Mouth Twitter Party

DATE: Wednesday, October 24th

TIME: 9:00 – 10:00 PM ET

LOCATION: #StopZombieMouth

HOSTS: @DawnSandomeno  @BethRosen  @RoleMommy (Beth Feldman) @Partybluprints (Elizabeth Mascali) and @EvolvingStacey

SPONSORS: @Popcap and The American Dental Association  @ADAMouthHealthy

RULES: You must RSVP below and be a US resident 18 and older to be eligible to win

It’s not a Twitter Party without prizes! We’re not only giving you all the tricks for a healthier mouth this Halloween we have treats too!  Four party participants tweeting with the #StopZombieMouth hashtag will be randomly selected to WIN the following:

  • 3 PARTY PRIZES: $50.00 gift cards with PopCap games and Trading cards
  • 1 GRAND PRIZE: $200.00 gift card with PopCap games

You must RSVP to be eligible to WIN!  RSVP with your Twitter Handle and link below>


With our party tips, a PopCap Prize Pack and a gift card, you’ll be able to host your own Halloween Bash!  Check out all the Halloween fun at!

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    I have to say that for the last couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this website. Keep up the great work.

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    looking forward to #StoppingZombieMouth

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    Can’t wait!

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    Making sure I rsvped .. 🙂 @cammiLH

  32. RSVP @lauriethornton Looking forward to it!

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    RSVPd & added linky for @RUtheMOMof & @RUtheMOMof5

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    No worries Bonnie, that’s fine 😀 So happy you are joining us, safe travels home!

  44. Can’t wait for the party. I accidentally linked my first one to my blog not Twitter….I’m outta town on a travel shoot and it’s been a looooog day. The second @ChiIL Mama is correct :). Got anything to stop zombie BRAIN?!

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  51. Dawn says:

    Awesome Naomi! My son loved the cards, we’re enjoying them and will be sharing them this Halloween. Please post pix of your kids, I want to see these costume, too cute.

  52. Naomi says:

    We’re passing out Plants Vs Zombies #StopZombieMouth packs for Halloween this year! The whole family is addicted to PvZ. Seriously. Jasper wants to be a bucket head zombie for Halloween and Roo is going to be a sunflower…

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    RSVP for cool party

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  57. Yay! Love PopGames and Plants vs Zombies! Just registered.

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